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My 10Wk Body Transformation

Posted on March 16, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Jamie T has just finished his 10 week body transformation challenge! See how he did here...

Well that's it for the 10 week body transformation challenge! Overall I'm very happy with my results. The whole challenge has gone so quick and despite some ups and downs along the way, I really enjoyed taking part and pushing my body to the next level.

Just because the challenge is over doesn't mean I will be giving up on my training and going back to my take away diet, oh no... I have already set myself a new goal, which is to carry on training hard and eating clean for another 10 weeks. This will lead me all the way to the end of May, when I go to Mexico for 2 weeks with my girlfriend.  I'm hoping to be in even better shape by then and I can't wait to see what results could come. Some might think I'm stupid for doing another 10 weeks but when you have a serous goal to aim for it becomes an addiction that you love to do. 20 weeks with hard training, clean eating and no alcohol sounds like hell for people but to me it has just become a way of life and a routine that I enjoy.

My Results

body transformation challenge #BBWTransform

Well done to everybody who took part this year, I've seen some great progress pictures over the last few weeks, you have all done so well, keep up the hard work!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages of support and praise over social and a huge thanks to the BBWarehouse team for helping me along the way and letting me use the transformation stack, to help me achieve my dream body.

Find me on twitter & Instagram: @jamietsmith10 #BBWTransform

By Jamie T

On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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