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NABBA Mr Britain Prep

Posted on June 15, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Kris Miles talks us through the NABBA Mr Britain finals...

I competed at the Nabba Mr Britain In The Mr Class 4 , it was an amazing day and  a very high standard. I gave it my all but unfortunately didn't place top 6 but had very good positive feed back from the judges and a few tips on what areas I need to improve.  It was a very long prep of about 6 months in total and I improved immensely from last year, so I won my personal batte. I only ever compete against myself and to improve every year, I have now started my offseason prep and aim to be back on stage at The Nabba South East in April 2015. My aim is to win the show then get back on to The Nabba Mr Britain finals stage ans walk away with a win. I will be making monthly blogs for Bodybuilding Warehouse of my training, nutrition and pictures of my progress, so keep lifting guys and make every day count.

The Training

Training up to show was a 6 day split , legs Monday, chest Tuesday , back Wednesday , shoulders Thursday , legs Friday and arms Saturday. I did 2 hours of cardio a day; fasted for an hour in the morning and an hour on the bike before bed. I shredded 3 stone from the start of prep till the end!

The Diet

Nabba Mr Britain 2014

My diet was very simple;

Day One:  Red meat and chicken with Bodybuilding Warehouse oats and brown rice ,

Day Two:  Turkey ,cod fillet , Powdered egg whites and white potatoes.

Day Three:  Cod fillet, egg whites and brown rice

and Repeat!

I would repeated this until  6 weeks out, then I cut all the red meat, chicken  and white potatoes and stuck with cod fillet, turkey and egg whites with brown rice.

By Kris Miles

On behalf of Bodybuilding Warehouse

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