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Nabba Prep With Anita Roberts

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Anita Roberts There have been 0 comments

My NABBA prep for the 2014 Competition

After what seems like a long few months of trying to pack on a fair amount of lean muscle, otherwise known as the ‘bulking stage’ of preparation training, I am officially now into the throws of competition prep ready for the Welsh qualifier of the Nabba Bodybuilding competition. Nabba stands for the National Amateur BodyBuilding Association.

This stage of competition preparation is where is starts to get very serious in terms of losing body fat, maintaining and hopefully still building some lean muscle tissue but to also transform your soft physique into one that is ready to stand on stage and show off all your efforts of endless cardio, intense training sessions and also the hard act of dieting which involves giving up those treats we all take for advantage of every day, like dairy and fruit! If you are currently taking part in the Body Transformation Challenge you will know the pain of giving these daily treats the boot. :)

This part of the preparation is very exciting for me, week on week you see changes in your physique. Having had children, it is somewhat more of a challenge for my body and it almost needs that extra time to change. Although, It is only from experience and learning from mistakes and changing things that you get to learn how your body ‘ticks’.NABBA prep

My cutting preparation at the moment includes a good hour of cardio each morning. I do fasted cardio to ensure that optimum fat stores are used and muscle is spared as much as possible. I use Bodybuilding warehouse Glutamine before my cardio to ensure good recovery and take Warrior Blaze Fat burners. Soon after Cardio I ensure that I have my clean breakfast which includes egg whites and Steak.

My weight training is always done in the mornings now as this best suits my routine. Pyramid sets as part of your weight training routine are very good to do whilst cutting, the high rep range ensures that you are really working the muscle as much as you can whilst getting an aerobic workout to burn fat also. I take Bodybuilding Warehouse BCAA Amino Acids and Glutamine before and after which my muscles target for energy stores and ensure that muscle recovery is increased.

I’m currently 2 weeks into my cutting prep with another 16 weeks to go, May 10th is the date for my competition which will be held in Barry, South Wales. From this qualifier last year I got through to the Britain Finals in Southport and was the best experience of my life and hope to do it again this year.

I have spent months and months training the different areas which needed improvement, so I look forward to seeing what lays beneath after I have finished my cutting preparation in 16 week’s time. An exciting few months lay ahead!!

Will keep you updated, Anita x

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