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NABBA Preparation 2014

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Anita Roberts There have been 0 comments

NABBA  Preparation 2014


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well, as we have reached the end of the Body Transformation Challenge, I thought I would share with you my own progress of how things are progressing with my own grueling training and diet schedule as part of my NABBA preparation! Things are progressing well and with the massive support that I have from Bodybuilding Warehouse and their amazing products, this is ensuring that my weekly weight loss targets are being met and I am feeling very strong indeed.

Training over the last 7 weeks has been very hard, training 6 days a week I am ensuring that I’m getting the maximum potential out of each session but the next 11 weeks are to be the hardest. Cardio will increase and my diet will be amended to ensure that fat loss is increased and muscle mass is maintained. I have just completed ‘Phase one’ of my journey, so the last 6 weeks I have been completing 45 minutes a day of fasted cardio in the mornings powered with my Bodybuilding Warehouse Glutamine and Warrior Blaze fat burners.

My weights sessions have been split over 5 days to ensure that I am getting enough rest anita bikiniduring the week for recovery. My BCAAs have really come into play around my training routine to help ensure that recovery is helped in every way and i always add a scoop of glutamine too. As a result of phase one, I have managed to reduce my weight from 11 stone 6 pounds to currently 9 stone 12 pounds! Things are progressing really well, and seeing the changes occurring to my body shape pushes me forward more and more.

Phase two is about to begin so I will keep to the same weight training regime but my cardio amount each day will increase to an hour and a half a few times a week. It is an important time at the moment as I don’t want to put ‘all my eggs into one basket’ so to speak and end up losing energy too quickly which will result in losing too much muscle mass, so as long as my weight is reducing and I am keep the muscle mass then things are progressing well. It is an enjoyable time as you start seeing the muscle mass that you have been lucky to build over the winter months starting to appear. My diet is going well, I have started to cycle my carbohydrates, having a few high days against a few low days to keep my body ‘guessing’. This is great if you are looking to lose body fat and keeps your metabolic rate high.

I am always ensuring over everything that my health is kept in tip top condition by ensuring that I am always taking my vitamins and minerals. Your body can become under increased pressure when you are dieting and training hard. At this time during competition preparation your body is under stress and your immune system can be under pressure, so always make sure that you are taking a good balance of multi-vitamins, vitamin c and Omega 3.

I have a great team with Bodybuilding Warehouse behind me; they are always on hand to provide the best advice in training and nutrition. Congratulations on reaching the end of your own transformations!


Bodybuilding Warehouse

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