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Nathan Robinson on Performance Prime

Posted on January 21, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Performance PRIME Supplement Review


Okay, so first allow me to give you all a little background on this. Before Christmas, I visited the Bodybuilding Warehouse office at Trafford Park, Manchester, to touch base with Kieran and the team. It was the first time I had seen any of them face to face since the day before UKBFF British Finals, where as you all know, I was fortunate enough to place an amazing second, in a world class line-up of top middleweights. It was here that heavy chest workoutme and Kieran discussed product ideas and particular ingredients we would like to see and use. One such product was a pre/intra workout formula, that cuts all stimulants out and focuses purely on nutrition, performance, growth and recovery.

It was on this idea in particular that we found common ground and really agreed on finding something unique that had never really been done properly before. Kieran, being the hardest working man I have ever known obviously took the ball and ran with it, because come the second week in January Performance PRIME was born and when I got word, I for one, could not wait to try it!

The day of the product launch I had a bag on its way to my house! As a serious athlete, I only want to use the very BEST products and supplements and for some time I had been outspoken and opinionated about a product like PRIME, obviously I was excited to use it, and let me tell you, once I did, I was NOT disappointed!

Great tasting and easy to digest, PRIME sits lightly on the stomach without bloating or heartburn, unlike some other pre workouts I have tried. Taken about 20 mins prior to the start of my workout, I could feel the effects almost instantly. My muscles felt full and pumped, engorged with blood and bulging in appearance. My biceps and forearms felt particularly tight and vascularity was on a whole different level as I repped out set after set on my arms. One gym regular commented that my arms looked like they’d swallowed a couple of cricket balls…errrrmm, I think I should take that as a complement! Most
importantly, there is no negative side effects to PRIME, no shakes or nasty ‘come down’ primelike some of you may experience from other stim based pre workouts and even when taking a high dosage late in the evening, you can still great a great nights sleep after a hard and heavy workout! Put it this way,I know I slept like a baby!

I can honestly say, no other pre-workout helps you do that as much as Prime. Just give it a go for the next month in your standard workouts and see whether your make more progress with this advanced cocktail of scientifically proven ingredients, than the typical “stimulant powders” out there – and see also if you sleep better, feel better, and feel healthier as a result.

Prime is about results, backed by science, and supported by quality.

Prime is the first pre-workout formula to focus on what really matters to the hard training athlete, namely recovery and growth! Prime is not about designer drugs or secret ingredients! Its designed for serious athletes by serious athletes, who know the science, know what their body needs, and want the very best ingredients on the market packed into one great tasting formula, that gets the job DONE!


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