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Nathan Robinson: Bodybuilding and 2014

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Nathan Robinson There have been 0 comments

First of all, please let me wish you all a belated happy new year! As you can imagine, January is a busy time for any gym and personal trainer and it has been no different for me! As well as my own training, I have had lots of people employing my services in order to get themselves in top shape for the year ahead!


So 2014 is well and truly under way. New year, new start and all that…however, as a rule, I never make new years resolutions myself, my goal is the same year in, year out; to continually be the best bodybuilder I can be and improve my physique from the last time I stepped on stage. I hope you can all join me on this journey and give me the same support and respect as you do every year, I really do appreciate every single one of you that reads my blogs, watches my videos and comes to see me at shows, thank you all!

So what does 2014 have in store? We never truly know what is around the corner, one thing life has taught me is never take anything for granted and make every moment count. This is no different in personal life than in bodybuilding. Right now, my aim is to make every workout, every exercise, every set and rep count, toward the goal of being British
ukbffChampion once again! You may think that sounds a little dramatic, that British Championships have only just passed and October now seems an eternity away, however before we know it, the competition season will have started, your friends will be competing at their respective shows, BodyPower Expo will be here and then it will be June and it will be time to start my preparation once again! Time fly’s when you’re having fun and I have a blast every time I walk through the gym door, but I also know that its time to knuckle down, get down to business and turn the NASTY up to maximum volume!

I never really had a break over Christmas and new year. I never really strayed from my usual schedule, I woke up, ate, went to work, trained and slept all at the same time and the same way I do all year round. In fact, on new years day, when most people were feeling like death with multiple hangovers, I was in the gym, under the squat rack, training legs like a crazy man…what can I say, it was a Wednesday…and Wednesday is legs day, no matter what!
Since then training has been great, I have been changing a few things up, still keeping my lower volume high intensity style going, but introducing drop sets, super sets, even tri sets on certain exercises, to stress the muscle further and create more hypertrophy in the muscle. Last week I was back home in Cheshire to see my family after Christmas. Whilst there, I managed to hook up with my old training Partner, and junior Mr. England Dom Castellano. We had a drive out to Stoke on Trent and trained at an awesome new gym out there called Muscle Asylum, the gym was packed full of awesome equipment, including a specialised strongman area at the back, where we even saw World’s Strongest Man Finalist Eddy Hall training. How could I not train my backside off and have a killer workout looking on at a world class athlete and absolute BEAST like that?!! Needless to say, me and Dom had a great couple of workouts of which we were feeling the effects of for days after!

This leads me on to my weekend in London, meeting up and touching base with my coach, the Wizard, Nathan Harman. It was the first chance for us to hook up face to face since UKBFF British Finals in October, and although we speak every day, it was a great chance for him to see my improvements, access my physique and draw up the ‘game plan’ for the year ahead…and boy did we ever do just that! After the 200 mile drive down to Crayford, we demolished back, hitting it from every angle possible and pumping every possible once of blood possible in there, by the end of the workout it felt like I had a tree trunk under each arm and a house on my back. It was then time to rest and recover the best way I know how, Bodybuilding Warehouse Pure Whey 95 with maltodextrin, followed by Steak in Jack Daniels glaze and sweet potato fries at TGI’s in Bluewater shopping centre!
Pure Whey 80

The following day, I knew I was in trouble, it was legs day and the Wizard was feeling particularly evil! After 90 mins of tri sets, lenges, squats, negatives and absolute torture on inner thighs, I could barely walk up the stairs to finish the workout…but I wouldn’t want it any other way! As I sit here writing this, I am still wincing in pain from the worst DOMS imaginable in my quads!

That’s all for now folks, please feel free to post questions or comments, I love hearing from you guys, until next time, keep it NASTY!!


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