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Pancakes Aren’t Just for Pancake Day!

Posted on August 20, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

When people in the UK think of pancakes, they think of Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday. The vast majority of people will only consume pancakes on this day; that’s one day a year! Usually they are smothered in syrup, ice cream, chocolate spread, or other wonderful delights which, whilst they are tasty, aren’t very healthy!

Look at our friends across the Atlantic, the Americans. Pancakes are a popular choice for breakfast over there. But again, most Americans fall into the same trap of being over generous with the sweet toppings.

Protein pancakes

Stripped down to the bare bones, a traditional pancake mix isn’t that bad. It’s the toppings or the quantity which causes calorific problems.

In recent years, pancakes have been rising rapidly as a popular food source for health and fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes. A healthy pancake mix, with a dash of good fat and a dollop of protein can be the perfect good-for-you meal.

In this article we will help you to think outside the box a little, and to change your viewpoint of pancakes being a once a year treat, to a daily, nutritious addition to your diet.


First things first, you’re going to need a healthy pancake mix recipe...


No Carbs Pancakes:

Grab 8-10 egg whites, some Splenda, half a tea spoon of xantham gum and mix.


Oat Pancakes:

6 egg whites and 2 yolks, half a cup of oats and a scoop or two of protein powder then mix.


Standard Pancakes:

4 egg whites with 1 whole egg, a scoop of protein powder, 20g of plain flour and finally mix.


Once you have chosen your recipe and mixed to a smooth consistency, get a frying pan heated up. Then, when the pan is hot, pour some of the pancake mix in the pan, give it a swirl and let it cook. When the pancake browns and the sides start to harden, give the pancake a flip and cook the other side. Simple!

Tip: Add a scoop of protein powder to your chosen pancake mix recipe to give the pancake a big boost of protein!


Sweet or Savoury

You’re probably going to want to add some toppings onto the pancakes you have just made. Here are some tips which you can try out.

Sweet: Add a scoop of flavoured protein powder into your mix

Sweet: Use some fruit such as berries or bananas

Sweet: Try a handful of raisins

Sweet: Following Keto? How about the carb free pancakes with some double cream!

Sweet: Natural honey

Sweet: Peanut butter and banana

Sweet: A splash of lemon and some sugar


Savoury: Use the pancake as a wrap, add chicken or tuna fish

Savoury: Goat’s cheese, or another type of cheese

Savoury: Tomato and mushroom

Savoury: Breakfast! Add bacon, sausages and egg

Savoury: Vegetables


As you can see, the sky really is the limit. There are lots of combinations, some may sound strange but they are definitely worth trying!


When to Eat?

Just to illustrate the versatility of healthy pancakes, here’s a quick guide for when you could potentially eat them:

Breakfast – Oat pancakes, with a side of bacon and egg

Lunch – Standard pancakes wrapped around tuna fish and salad

Evening dinner – Carb free pancakes with chicken breast, a tomato based sauce and vegetables

Snack – Any type of pancake mix with fruit. Want a treat? Throw in some double cream!


Need Further Ideas?

Do you want even more ideas for what you can do with your protein pancakes? You can head over to the recipe section on TMuscle to discuss with other members.

Perhaps you need help deciding where to fit the protein pancakes into your diet, or, you would just like nutritional advice in general? Check out the Diet & Nutrition section on TMuscle to gain advice from a huge range of bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, including some of the UKs best known bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen.


The Perfect Solution – Premium Protein Pancakes from BBW

The recipes and ideas given above are great if you have lots of time on your hands and if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen. However, if you find yourself short of time and you’re not confident in the kitchen, Bodybuilding Warehouse has created the perfect solution… Premium Protein Pancakes.


Here’s a quick description:

What Makes Premium Protein Pancakes Special?

We've founded our Premium Protein Pancakes on the concept of balance - a balance between muscle building protein, and healthy low-GI carbs, and a balance between fast acting whey, and slow digesting casein. Each 50 gram serving of Premium Protein Pancake Mix will give you 2 medium sized delicious pancakes that you can have ready in 5 minutes.

What's in it?

  • 22g Protein Per Serving
  • A 50/50 Mix of Fast Acting Whey and Slow Digesting Casein
  • 19g of low-GI, slow burning oats
  • Easy to make and delicious!

They are so simple to make, all you need to do is add some of the mix to water in a shaker, give it a shake, and cook on a frying pan.

Better yet, these pancakes are flavoured. Choose from this impressive list:

-       Banana Caramel

-       Chocolate Orange

-       Lemon Zest

-       Raspberry Ripple

-       Strawberry Chocolate

-       Vanilla Chocolate Wafer

-       White Chocolate Raspberry

-       Original

You can eat the pancakes as they are, or try them with our sweet and savoury ideas which we listed earlier. Simplicity at its best.



Pancakes are not just for one day of the year. Pancakes can become a healthy addition to your nutritional regime. Add protein, for a protein boost, and use healthy, nutritious ingredients such as egg whites and oats. Using these ingredients will give you the perfect macronutrient ratio; a pancake which can be eaten at any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack.

We’ve given you a few recipes to get your started, including a carb free option for those of you who are dieting. We’ve also suggested some sweet and savoury ideas to help get your protein pancakes popping.

If you need further advice, head over to the TMuscle forum for tailored nutritional tips and discussion.

If you want simplicity, try out the Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Pancakes. They’re incredibly simple to make, taste amazing and are nutritious.

We love the versatility of healthy, nutritious protein pancakes, and we want you to love them too.


Andrew @TMuscle

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