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PowerLifting with Lou Brierley

Posted on January 24, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

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Last time I posted I was a couple of weeks out from my first powerlifting meet with the WSA in Swansea. I achieved a respectful 530kg total with a 180kg squat, 115kg bench and a 235kg deadlift – this meant me winning the Junior u23 under 100kg class. All went to plan and was where I’d hoped I’d be. With a few silly mistakes on the day, namely the biggest one was being travel sick, but hey, it could have affected anyone!

So onwards and upwards as always and onto my second meet on the 25th January! This time it’s a shot qualifying for the British finals. To qualify, I need to achieve a 460kg total. Hopefully with no mistakes on the day I should be comfortable in achieving the total and securing my spot for the British finals in April.

Unfortunately over the last few weeks I have suffered with a hip flexor injury, leading to a bad back pain. This has restricted my training somewhat and has meant I’ve had to lay off the gas a little bit. I haven’t really changed much in terms of my training I’ve just made sure I’ve hit the numbers I’ve been set out to hit. I’ve hit some good PB’s during my prep for this comp so hopefully this will reflect on the day itself.Squat Bar Placement


For this prep I have solely followed a method by Brandon Lilly called ‘The Cube’.
This is basically a push/pull/legs split with a 3 week micro cycle based around speed, reps and heavy sessions. This method of training is very enjoyable and has given good rewards with strength. This also puts a lot of emphasis on accessory work and I feel this has been an integral part of my training. Exercises such as glute ham raises, good mornings, deadlift variations, back raises, lunges, snatch grip pulls and some band work has all contributed towards new strength gains.

All in all I am feeling fairly confident coming into this meet and hope to do well. Training has been good despite the injury. So if we qualify I hope to blog my road to the British Finals in April, which would be awesome!

Cheers Lou

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