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Pre Workouts: Caffeine Vs Caffeine Free

Posted on February 3, 2014 by Anita Roberts There have been 0 comments

Caffeine or no caffeine? Whats your choice when it comes to a preworkout?

Caffeine VS Caffeine Free:

I have to say that I love my pre-workout! On days when I am low of energy I can pop a scoop of Warrior Rage into my shaker and off I go to a somewhat CRAZY workout session! Guaranteed the amazing pump with some extraordinary tingling in the face and hands due to the Beta-Alanine and high caffeine content along with other potent active ingredients. This supplement surely does tick all the boxes for me when it comes to a pre-workout.

Pre-workouts aren't for everyone and some prefer to have a strong espresso or perhaps take a few caffeine tablets before a workout to achieve the pump and focus that caffeine can provide.

But what is the hype behind caffeine? Why is it so effective for pushing you to places you never thought possible? Well, science has shown that caffeine is a psychoactive drug that affects the nervous system, blocking the effects of adenosine which signals your body that your tired. Without the adenosine surrounding your brain, you feel more alert and ready for the training session ahead, especially good when you are just finishing a shift at the office.

It improves mental focus, helpng you obtain a better mind/muscle connection when you are attacking the weights. It widens the airways in the lungs which in turn is great for oxygenating your body when your pounding the treadmill. But the most important part is that it helps to push fat stores into the bloodstream ready to be burned and helps to increase muscle strength ten fold!

prework outIn these days of modern science, Bodybuilding Warehouse have created a new pre-workout named 'Prime'! There's also Caffeine Free Prime available which is excellent for when you are training in the evenings, or are sensitive to certain stimulants. It's not always about the so called 'buzz' and what really matters is the way that a product can help you train, help you grow and how it can help you recover. Having a caffeine free pre-workout such as Prime Caffeine Free is great for my evening sessions as it allows me to sleep easier and still eat normally afterwards without the appetite suppression that most pre-workout's provide.

Prime caffeine free can be taken before and during your workout, ensuring that your body is in an anabolic state at all times!

So what preworkout works best for you?

Have a great workout!....Anita x

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