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UKBFF Men’s Physique 2014 - Comp Prep

Posted on July 7, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Competition Prep update - UKBFF Men’s Physique 2014 - 8.5 weeks out






Just a quick update on my progress. I finished my bulk at 115kg this year and this was the heaviest i’ve ever been in my life! Im now down to 102kg and i think i have about 5-7 more kg to go. I weighed in at about 90Kg on comp day in 2013 richard 8 weeks out 4UKBFF Leeds where i placed 2nd in my first comp. So i'm hoping to step on stage dry at 95kg ish this year!

Last year my weak points were my shoulders and lower back. They were pretty much none existent!

My shoulders, traps and lower back have made so much improvement this year and im happy with my current shape and size!

I took a few photos today with no edits or filters so you can see where I'm at, and yes the tan is real, i like the sun!





richard 8 weeks 3Overall, I'm feeling really confident about competing this year. Definitely need to walk away with another trophy! #letsdothis #TeamBBWarehouse


The supplements i use are:

Green Tea powder by BBW

CLA soft gels by BBW

Warrior Blaze

Protein Pancakes by BBW




by Richard Ash

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