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Pull Ups For Beginners

Posted on April 3, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

The Pull Up is a classic compound exercise that is great for working those lats. Pull Ups also work your entire back, neck, shoulders, traps, and triceps and are great for beginners.

Pull Ups For Beginners:

The Pull Up is an effective and convenient exercise which can be easily fitted into your life. This is because it uses your own body weight and can be performed anywhere with a pull up bar. If you are looking for that V-Shape then the Pull Up is the exercise for you! Power yourself with Performance Prime and get those pull ups mastered.

How To Perform The Standard Pull Up
pull up

  1. Start in a standing position and then with hands slightly wider than your shoulders, grab the bar with both hands using a over hand grip.  The over hand grip is performed with your alms faced away.
  2. Take a deep breath in and pull your body up until your chin is above the bar.
  3. Breath out and slowly lower your body to return to the starting position.

Pull Up Variations

There are many different variations to the standard pull up and each variation targets a different muscle group. Here are four variations to work on once you've mastered the standard pull up;

Close grip Pull Up

The close grip pull up requires you to bring your hand placement closer together, with a placement of around 6-8 inches. This variation is emphasizes your lower lats.

The Chin Up

The chin up is very similar to the standard pull up but more emphasis is placed on your biceps.  To perform the chin up simply switch your hand placement to a underhand-grip. The underhand grip requires the palms of your hands to be facing you during the exercise.

The Kipping Pull Up

The Kipping Pull Up is an advanced level pull up that has become popular with the rise of cross fit.   Once you are confident with the standard pull up, this variation places emphasis on the upper back. to perform the Kipping Pull Up follow these steps;

1. Hang from the pull up bar with your hands slightly wider than your shoulder width and your feet together.

2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your body forward, then as you let your body swing backwards, engage your lats and pull yourself up over the bar.

3.Now push yourself  away from the bar at the top position and swing back out pushing yourself further forward. Click here to watch a demo.

The Weighted Pull Up

As you begin to gain in strength, you may start to feel that the resistance from your bodyweight is not enough.  This is when weighted pull ups become a great option. You perform the standard pull up with the addition of a weighted vest or dipping belt with plates attached.  Click here to watch a 420lb weighted pull up!

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