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Pure Coconut Oil Pre Workout

Posted on August 26, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

When it comes to pre workouts supplements I’m the first to highly recommend Warrior Rage to everyone and anyone, however I always make clear that they should start out with half a scoop or one scoop to assess their tolerance levels to stimulants.

Using Pure Coconut Oil to make a Pre workout:

I’ve found I don’t really have a high tolerance level as I’ve never really drank coffee regularly, although I find with training 5/6 times a week and taking a pre workout my tolerance levels pick up and find myself taking 2 scoops of Warrior Rage for heavy leg days! Just like we mix up our training programs to keep our body guessing it’s also good to take a break from pre workouts so that 1, you’re not relying on them (I don’t tend to have a pre workout when training arms, shoulders or cardio & abs) and 2, to allow our tolerance levels to readjust.

Pure Coconut Oil - 460g

I recently went on holiday and took 2 weeks off from training hard (check my holiday workout and nutrition article) but when I came back from holiday and got back into the gym I found my tolerance levels were pretty low so decided to mix up my normal pre workout and go with an old favourite of mine, black coffee with a tablespoon of PURE Coconut Oil.

As you may initially know coconut oil has many health benefits and is a great substitute for regular cooking oil. I mainly use a tablespoon when frying chicken, steak, turkey and stir frys. But why use it as a pre workout? Firstly coffee is a natural source of caffeine, which increases energy level and boast metabolism. Coconut oil on the other hand contains mainly MCT   (Medium Chain Triglycerides), these healthy fats are very easily digested by the body and are immediately used for energy as they require very little digestion by the liver. Ketones from the coconut oil are also an added bonus for providing our bodies with energy and have muscle sparring properties, so combing a good coffee with PURE coconut oil creates an all round pre workout with no artificial additives or chemicals with an added bonus of no ‘come down’ after the workout.

For an added bonus, why not make your pre workout coffee with Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Coffee. You’ll be adding per 25g serving;  18g (dry basis)/ 17g (as is), 0.53g carbs and 1.4g fats

Good luck with the workouts and let me know what you think of the coconut oil coffee pre workout,


@Lee_Malone and @bodybuildingw

By Lee Malone

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