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Setting Fitness Goals

Posted on December 29, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Ultimately, setting goals is about becoming better versions of ourselves or improving our life experiences. Setting a goal is a personal commitment to making these improvements happen!

Setting Fitness Goals

It’s that time of year when we all start to think about our goals for the year ahead.  Many of us will set New Year’s resolutions that involve work, relationships or our own health and fitness.  The number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, followed by the desire to get fit.  With this in mind, you may well be about to embark on our Body Transformation Challenge to help you hit your fitness goals or maybe you are thinking of committing to a race or other sporting challenge to help motivate you.  Either way, I’m sure you’re not setting goals for fun! Ultimately, we set goals because we want to become better versions of ourselves or we want to improve our life experiences.  Setting a goal is a personal commitment to making these improvements happen and it’s therefore important to make sure that we set the right ones.

How To Set Fitness Goals

When setting a goal, we recommend that you start with the end goal (yes that’s the biggy... the dream) and then set smaller clearer goals along the way.   The end goal you choose needs to mean something to you as this will help your commitment to achieving the goal. Let’s take the transformation challenge as an example.  Your end goal could be to lose 3 stone and get fit.  Write this goal down and note down why you want to do this and what benefit it gives you.  Will it improve your social life?  Will it help you play physical games with the kids?  Will it help you live longer and enjoy life more?   Now you have your goal and motivation!  Finishing the Transformation Challenge is a way for you to achieve your end goal and the challenge becomes your clear measurable goal! To ensure success in this clear goal, we then set smaller, more manageable goals along the way. For  Example;

End Goal: Get fit and lose 3 stone
Why? My weight is making general actively more difficult and I’m sick of being out of breath!
The Benefit: I can play sports with the kids and I will be more productive at work.  I will have more energy and this will improve my mood, making me feel happier about life.

Clear, Measurable Goal: Complete the Bodybuilding Warehouse 10 week Transformation Challenge.

Small Weekly Achievable Goals: Your weekly goals will vary along the way but here’s an example of what a weekly goal plan might look like.

1. Get up early and complete fasted cardio on three separate days.
2. Stay within my nutrition plan.
3. Take some progress pictures
4. Go to the gym instead of meeting at the pub on Thursday.
5. Try one of Bodybuilding Warehouses’ home workouts


To heighten your focus, improve your concentration and keep up your motivation we recommend that you focus on your small weekly goals.  Focusing on the now will stop your mind from wondering, as you know exactly what needs to be done each day and it will also help to avoid the distraction that a huge daunting goal can cause.   It may seem like a bit of extra work, but setting your goals, making them clear and then breaking them down into manageable chunks will help ensure that you succeed.

The journey begins!

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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