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Six Pack Abs - Week 3 Demo

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

We are now half way through the six pack abs programme! Read how we're getting on:

Six Pack Abs:

By now, your core strength should be improving and you should start to notice some differences to your physique.  Week 3 is therefore a great point to ramp up your workouts and you will notice that things get more serious in this weeks session. Just click here to watch.   Intense exercises can lower your immune system and therefore, its a good idea to ensure that you are taking a quality multi vitamin and as the sessions become more advanced, a good intra work will aid recovery. Take a look at Performance Prime for a much needed energy and recovery boost.


six pack abs

If you haven't yet got your free copy of the six pack abs programme, just CLICK HERE to get it now.  If you need further convincing on the benefits of a six pack a study conducted by the U.S. military linked strong abdominal muscles to injury prevention.  120 soldiers were tracked over a year of field tests and it was found that those who performed the best in situps suffered the least injuries.  Top performance in other areas such as pull ups and the 2 mile run offered no injury protection.

By Lee Malone


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