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Squats For Growth

Posted on May 27, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Whatever your goal, whatever your discipline or whatever your gender, squatting correctly should be incorporated into your gym plan to help you attain your goals and smash plateaus.

SQUAT RIGHT - SQUAT SMART, with this squats for growth article.

For myself, most bodybuilders and even avid gym goers – legs day is a time to clear your head, compile a hard hitting play list and prepare for war. You can’t complain about not having thick thighs if you don’t go all out on legs day and leave your legs there.

What are the benefits of Squats?

- Enhanced Growth Hormone Release

- Enhanced Core Strength

- Big Tree Trunk Legs

- Strong Foundation  squats for growth

- Enhanced Workout Capacity

- Enhanced Fat Burning

Technique: How to squat properly

- Keep feet hip width apart

- Maintain a neutral spine, suck in your pelvic floor to stabilise your core.

- Look ahead always – never down or to the side

- Inhale and move hips back and down, maintaining a neutral spine, with a slight curve in the lower back(like sitting into a chair)

- Hold chest up and out

- Knees should track over the feet

- Exhale as you return to a neutral position

Your Leg Day Workout

5 min warm up on a steep incline on a treadmill

Back Squats
Performance Charge (260g)

Set 1 Just the bar going through the range of motion
I always stretch a little after a warm set with stretching of the hip flexors ,Front Thighs and hamstrings
Set 2 1 x15kg plate each side x 14-16 reps
Set 3 2x15kg plates each side x 12 – 14 reps
Set 4 3x15kg plates each side X 10 reps
Set 5 4x15kg plates each side x 8 reps
Set 6 5x15kg plates each side x 6-8 reps
Set 7 5x15kg plates each side x 6 reps
Set 8 4x15kg plates each side x 6-8 reps
Set 9 3x15kg plates each side x 6-8 reps
Set 10 2x15kg plates each side x 6-8 reps
Set 11 1x15kg plates each side x 6-8 reps
Set 12 Bar only for 10 reps

Leg press 

Start off lighter for more reps, then slowly add more plates and do less reps from set to set
Set 1 160kg x 18 -20 reps
Set 2 200kg x 14 reps
Set 3 240kg x 12 reps
Set 4 280kg x 10 reps
Set 5 320kg x 8 reps
Set 6 360kg x 6 reps
Drop set then remove a plate either side until you have no plates left
320kg x 8 reps
280kg x 10 reps
240kg x 12 reps
200kg x 14 reps
160kg x 18 -20 reps

Hack Squats

Time to dig deep and squat deeper – pull in your pelvic floor for a strong core
80 kg x 10 reps
100 kg x 8 reps
120 kg x 8reps

Leg Extension Performance Recovery Stack

Action - slow on the downward part of the ROM and squeeze on the way up and very hard at the top
Single Leg – 20 reps of a manageable weight x 4 sets no rest from leg to leg

Walking Lunges with bar on your back

If your gym has a studio or car park this is the best place to do them – yes just like big Ron!

Enjoy the DOMS

By Mark Marcou 



Bodybuilding Warehouse

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