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Summer Shred Week 4

Posted on May 4, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

This weekend was always going to be a tough one, as bank holidays can be filled with the kind of temptation that makes any diet difficult.  The change in routine can also have a negative effect and throw your well crafted food and exercise plan out of the window.

If you've had a bit of a slip up this weekend, don't get too down beat.  We have 5 full weeks of the shred left and today we are stepping it up a gear! Today, marks the start of Week 4 and this week we need to go hard with our training to ensure that the first half of the shred was a success! The use of fat strippers can be incredibly helpful for the final push!

As we enter week 4, you may start to feel the frustrations that come with any intensive period of diet and exercise but by the end of this week you will be half way there! We are seeing some good results across social and now is the time to dig deep and ensure that you can push to the end.  Keep your motivation high and keep pushing to create that lean muscle, shredded physique.  By the end of week 4 you should see the most noticeable difference and it usually takes around 4 weeks of diet and exercise for other people to start seeing a difference.  With this in mind, we will be taking some more progress pics at the end of this week, so push as hard as you can and keep on track with your diet.

We are continuing with the diet plan and 4 day split workout from last week and if you haven't worked out your own macro split as yet, we highly recommend that you do. Tailoring your diet to your specific needs will help you progress at a faster level. It will also help you keep your cravings at bay, as you can split your macros out between 4 to 5 meals and have them at times tailored specifically to your lifestyle.  Creating lean muscle and getting shredding is all about stripping away as much fat as possible, while still retaining muscle size and growth. The next 4 weeks will be diet crucial and so it's a good idea to start thinking about, not only what you are eating but the size of your portions. Keep your good fats up, carbs clean and ensure that you are packing in as much protein as possible to help you fuel, grown and burn even more fat.

Even though we are continuing with the same workout plan, don't forget to increase the intensity this week;think, heavier weight and extra reps.  We'd also like you to try a quick home HIIT session this week.  This will help you burn some additional fat and show you what can be done when getting to the gym is difficult.

Week 4 Supplements lean muscle supplements

If you are following the recommended supplements then you should already be taking your iBCAAs during your work out and your Diet Whey/Whey 80 post workout and as an extra or meal replacement to hit your macros.  In addition to this, as training intensifies, its important to focus in on your recovery. To ensure that you are fighting fit over the next few weeks, try Performance Recover and Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 before bed. Also, a serving of Vitamin D, Omega 3 and a multivitamin in the mornings, with a Pre-Workout supp prior to training. For those taking fat burners, you can take Warrior Blaze as a pre-workout and dont need to add any additional pre-workouts.

Our 5 Goals Specific To Week 4 are:

1. Look at supplements that will enhance your shred.

2. Increase the intensity of your training with additional weight and reps.

3. Refocus on your goals for motivation.

4. Hit your macros and be 100% with your diet.

5. Squeeze in a quick home HIIT session

Good luck with your progress this week and join us on social using #BBWShred!

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