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Summer Shred Week 1

Posted on April 13, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 2 comment(s)

Week 1 of the Summer Shred begins and we give you an example diet plan to follow based on a 3 day intense training split.

The aim for the next 8 weeks is to avoid stodge, bad fats and junk food at all costs! Its only 8 weeks, so you can definitely do it! However, we do realise that 8 weeks can seem like a long time, so you’re in luck, you get 4 cheat days across the #SummerShred… that’s 1 every two weeks!  Together, we will take the 8 week shred 2 weeks at a time and the goal is to do as best as you can during each quarter. We realise that many of you will be doing a summer shred for the first time, so the example plans are based on your average male and female. For the experienced shredder, we have one request… Please help others.  Yes, that’s right, not only do we have high expectations of you but we also want you to share your wealth of experience and knowledge with the BBWarehouse team and your fellow shredders.  If you’d like your recipes, tips and tricks or workouts to be featured in our newsletters, during the summer shred, then email transform@bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk and you can also help motivate, communicate and inspire using #SUMMERSHRED

The example diet for this week is based on a ratio of 35Cals, 3.3g Carbs, 3.5g of protein and 0.8g of fat per kg of body weight, with a 3 day split training routine.  You can adapt this formula to your own body weight and training but for optimum results we recommend that you work out your exact macro requirements, based on your body weight and exercise routine.  (Females shouldn’t drop calorie intake below  1700 and males 2000 calories per day). You can calculate your macros using various apps online.
The Bodybuilding Warehouse Team

Week 1 Diet Plan (Male Weighing 84kg)  
Macro Total: 2957cals | 243carbs | 71 fats | 267.8 protein

Training Day Supplements

1 serving of Pure Dextrose pre-workout
1 serving Pure Whey 80 post workout
1 serving of Pure ibcaa 8:1:1 intra workout

Daily Supplements To Help With Shredding

1 serving Performance Multi Vitamin
1 serving Pure Omega 3
1 serving Pure CLA
1 serving Green Tea

To make an extra saving on most of these supps, try the transformation stack

1/2 cup of Pistachio Nuts - 342.5cals | 32carbs | 26fat | 12.5
Natural yogurt 120g -127cals | 16carbs | 5fat | 6 protein
1 scoop of protein - 94cals | 1.17carbs | 1.4g fat | 19 protein
Premium Protein Flapjack 18cals | 37.4 carbs| 7.2 fat | 18.3 protein
Total: 581cals | 86.4g carbs | 39.6g fat | 55.5g protein

1 serving Premium Protein Pancakes
120g natural yoghurt
50g of mixed berries
Total: 493cals | 35g carbs | 8g fat  |  28g protein

11am:  Diet Whey Shake
Total: 120cals | 4g carbs | 1.6g fat | 21g protein

1pm meal
Tinned Tuna in Spring Water 112 g
Raw Spinach 1 bunchTransformation Stack
Cherry Tomatoes 100 grams
Cucumber - With peel, raw,100 g
Beetroot 100 g
Total: 274cals | 22g carbs | 2g fat | 40g protein 

4pm meal
Grilled chicken 100g
Brown rice 100g
Roasted Vegetables 150g
Total: 416 cals | 23g carbs | 5g fat | 34g protein

7pm meal
Grilled Chicken Breast with low salt Seasoning 8oz
Sweet Potato Mash 139 grams
Steamed Asparagus 6 spears
Steamed Broccoli 100g
Total: 604cals | 66g carbs | 7g fat | 63g protein

Evening snack
Pure Peanut butter – 1 tablespoons
2 medium stalks of celery
Total: 111cals | 5g carbs | 8g fat | 4g protein

Pre Bed
Casein Shake
Total: 103cals | 1.5g carbs | 0.8g fat | 22g protein


The Power of 5 - Week one aims

  1. 1 Train 3 times this week
  2. 2 Take measurements and pictures
  3. 3 Calculate your macros and stick to them
  4. 4 Drink 2.5 litres of water per day
  5. 5 Write down the reason why I started


Enjoy your week shredders and we wish you the best of luck in creating a plan which works for you!  Share your thoughts, difficulties and successes across social using #SUMMERSHRED

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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2 thoughts on “Summer Shred Week 1”

  • Jo


    This is really helpful and as a first time shredder I need all the help I can get! Do you have an example diet plan based on an average female or should this be worked out using the 35kcals per kg of body weight as you mention above?



    • BBWarehouse

      Hi Jo, you can use the calculation in the article and if you find the macros a little low or too high then adjust them as you see fit. The aim is to get all the additional protein that you need to fuel your growth and cut fat. Also, keep your carbs low and only have good carbs to fuel your workouts. Take a look at week 3 for an updated diet. Good luck with your shred!

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