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Summer Shred Week 3

Posted on April 27, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Week 3 of the Summer Shred begins today and this marks the start of the second quarter.  We recommend that you take some progress pics and redo your measurements today. There might not be much progress to see but it will refocus your mind and give you the motivation to make this quarter count.

With just 6 weeks to go, things get serious this week and success in the Summer Shred will rest on your ability to prep your meals and training around your specific goals.  Pay attention to the areas that you need to improve and ensure that your nutrition and training is spot on.

To ensure that you are progressing, you should switch up your full training routine every two weeks.  If you are following our plans, click here for the training split for this quarter. As always, work with a weight of 70% 1RM and keep the intensity high as you need to make each session count.   The example meal plan also gets stricter this week, with a reduction in the total macros.  The meal plan is based on a male of 84kg, so please adapt this plan to meet your recommended macros for your specific goals.  Your nutrition this week needs to be as close to perfect as possible.  This might not be easy but it will be worth it!  A shred is never a simple task but don't give up, take it one day at a time and focus on your goals for the week.  EAT RIGHT and TRAIN RIGHT... Your results will speak volumes and you're already 25% of the way!

BBWarehouse #SummerShred Progress - Find us across social with #BBWShred

Steve's progress - Ive been carb cycling over the past couple of weeks and reducing my calorie intake.  Ive also upped the training and im happy with my results so far.  The hunger isnt so good but im going to keep focused and as of today, i have started using Warrior Blaze.

steve 2 weeks progress

Jayel's progress - My aim through the shred is to improve my definition and build muscle! I'm a vegetarian and my diet is usually quite good but i've really had to focus on eating more to hit my MACROS and ive also started weight training. This week i'll be focusing on my back and legs and continuing with Pure Whey 80 for extra protein.

jayel 2 weeks progress


Tara's Progress

tara 2 weeks progress

Kim's Progress  - As week 3 begins I am disappointed with my progress pictures. Unfortunately the weekend is my killer and my failing lie with vino temptations which then leads to that forgotten boozy takeaway (which this weekend cam in the form of a McDonalds… and not just the one meal). I know where my weaknesses lie so hopefully I can remain focused over the next couple of weeks and just take each day at a time!

kim 2 weeks progress

Example Shredding Meal Plan - Week 3


45 grams ofoats
300ml of Skimmed milk
1 cup of blueberries
2 strawberries
Sliced banana
1 glass of orange juice
Micronutrients- Kcal- 543/ Protein-23g/ Carbs-130g/ Fat-6g

11am - Protein Shake - Pure Whey 80


1 Medium Sweet potato
Chopped grilled chicken
Half a bowl of Salad
Micronutrients- Kcal- 503/ Protein-34g/ Carbs-91g/ Fat-4g

8 Oz salmon or 150g or grilled chicken
1 large broccoli
½ plate of Brown Rice
1 Portion of Spinach
Micronutrients- Kcal- 665/ Protein-48g/ Carbs-70g/ Fat-1g

Post Workout Protein Shake - Performance Diet Whey

 Dessert/evening snack

1 Cup of chamomile tea/Green tea
1 fat free yoghurt 150g
1 hand full of cherries/blueberries
1 scoop of protein - 94cals | 1.17carbs | 1.4g fat | 19 protein
Micronutrients Kcal- 162/ Protein-7g/ Carbs-33g/ Fat-1g 

Pre Bed - Casein Shake
Micronutrients Kcal 103 / Protein 22g / Carbs 3.49g | 0.8g fat | 22g protein
Total Micronutrients-  Kcal- 2343/ Protein-194g / Carbs-333g/ Fat-35g

Essential Shredding Supplement

Increasing your intake of BCAAs is vital during an intense training programme as you will and a ratio of 8:1:1 is the most effective for fat loss.   We also recommend that you take a multi vitamin during the remainder of the shred, as your immune system can take a knock during periods of intense exercise.  A sophisticated multi vitamin like Warrior Adonis is perfect for immune system support and defense.  For those on a stricter budget, try our Performance Multi-vitamin, which gives you everything you need in just one capsule and provides great value! A high protein, low carb diet is perfect for a shred but packing in the extra protein to support your training and muscle growth can be a challenge.  If you've not invested in a quality protein as yet, we recommend Pure Whey 80 or Performance Diet Whey for added fat loss power.

If you would like to speed up your results over the next 6 weeks, try one of the fat burners that we stock on site.  A fat burner can help intensify your training, suppress your appetite and help you cut fat faster.  Click here to read customer reviews of Warrior Blaze.

Our 5 goals specific to week 3 are:

Take progress pictures
Retake your measurements
Re-calculate your macros (goal specific)
Switch up training with increased frequency
Meal Prep 

Keep an eye on social this week for the remaining progress pics from the BBWarehouse Shredders.

Good luck with week 3!

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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