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Summer Shred | Week 7

Posted on May 25, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

We are full of the joys of bank holiday but maybe not as excited as those lucky friends and family who aren't in the final couple of weeks of a summer shred. However, today should be a positive day!

You should feel proud of how far you've come and also feel relieved that their are just 14 days left!  14 days of the shred equates to just 8 training days... that's 8 more chances to give it everything you have!  8 more chances to push yourself to the limit and force those muscles to grow, whilst torching any excess fat.   A lot can happen in two weeks, so don't feel down hearted if you haven't achieved everything you hoped for, just give it everything you have and you are guaranteed to finish the shred fitter, healthier and more shredded than you are today!

Over the next couple of weeks, your training shouldn't change dramatically.  You will notice that we have stuck with the same principles as the last quarter but with an increased focus on fat burn.   Training is going to be your constant this week, use it to help you stay focused and motivated as your diet needs to be super strict.  Making dramatic changes isn't advised during the end of a shred but your meal plan has been reduced to a bare minimum.  This meal plan  isn't advisable over a long period of time but over the next 14 days, it will definitely help you shred fat! As always, please adjust this example to suit your own goals, height and weight.  If you are feeling overly tired over the next couple of weeks, you need to up your carb intake.  We suggest you do this with clean carbs in the form of dextrose and consume them pre-training. If your muscles are sore, up your protein intake with a lean protein source like Pure Whey 80.   Most importantly, listen to your body!

We recommend that you take you re-take your progress pictures and measurements this week.  Let them inspire you for the final quarter and as always keep an eye on social for an update from our in house shredders.


Your Meal Plan

go hard

MACROS per day 235 carbs | 250 Protein | 55g Fat | 2375 Calories

Meal 1
200g liquid egg whites, scrambled. 1 medium avocado
18.6g Carbs | 29.8g Fat | 25.8g Protein | 417.6 Calories

Meal 2
1 medium sweet potato roasted and stuffed with 165g Tuna, with 91g broccoli
43.3g Carbs | 2g Fat | 48.3g Protein | 384.3 Calories

Pre Workout snack
1 teaspoon of pure peanut butter, 80g Apple, 125g raspberries, 145g Blueberries, 130g banana with 200g nonfat greek yogurt
88.1g Carbs | 9.4g Fat | 29g Protein | 511.4 Calories

Post Workout Shake
Performance Diet Whey
4.48g Carbs | 21.75g Protein | 1.67g Fat | 120 Calories

Meal 3
150g Quinoa, with 125g green beans with a 150g grilled turkey breast
41.8g Carbs | 4.3g Fat | 54.1g Protein | 426.3 Calories

Meal 4
150g chicken breast grilled, 120g Brown rice, 60g Spinach Raw and 149g cherry tomatoes.
35.6g Carbs | 7g Fat | 52.7g Protein | 421.3 Calories

Pre Bed
One serving Pure Casein
3g carbs | 18g Protein  | 0.27g Fat | 94 Calories

Your Training

Day 1 
Rep Count: 21 - 18- 15 -10
Deadlifts 70% 1RM
Press ups

Day 2
As many sets as possible for a duration of 20 minutes
Your Set
10 Dumbbell step ups
10 Thrusters
10 Pull ups
10 Push ups

Day 3
15 minute set - Complete the round on the minute, every minute!
Round - 10 Cleans, 10 Over the bar burpees

Day 4
Row for 500m - Max power
Skip for 1 Minute - Max power
Complete 6 times

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