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Supplement Guide for Beginners

Posted on December 9, 2013 by Anita Roberts There have been 0 comments

Anita Roberts' Supplement Guide for Beginners...

Supplement Guide:

In this article I will give a basic guide to supplementation! There are so many amazing supplements on the market that it is easy to be bogged down with all the different products available.  This brings with it a whole lot of questions when you are stood in a shop or looking at a website trying to decipher your creatine from your CLA. Hopefully, I will be able to give you a basic view of the more important supplements that will indeed ‘supplement’ you’re training needs and are available right here on site.

In order for you to gain the maximum benefits from your supplements, you need to ensure that you are eating a good clean diet alongside working hard with your training plan. This will almost certainly maximise the results that you will receive from your supplements.

Here are my top 5 upplements that you should use to maximise the benefits of your training, whether you are bulking or cutting:



Creatine is very important for your training needs, when taking part in any form of strength training our bodies require creatine for increasing overall muscle strength and recovery. Our bodies create about half of the required amount of creatine but the rest we need to Pure Creatine Monohydrate increase strength can be found in our diet but to supplement with creatine capsules or powder is a more convenient way to help supplement our diet and training requirements. Cell repair and function is increased tremendously through this addition of creatine, without it the process of muscle increase in the body is alot slower. Check out this link for a great Creatine supplement;




BCAAs have been proven to be a potent performance enhancer, and make a great energy source for working muscles during strength training. BCAAs can be used as an energy Bodybuilding Warehouse Excel - 2:1:1 BCAA Blend - 500gsource but they also enhance fat oxidation in glycogen depleted muscles. This allows individuals to train harder for longer without fatigue especially in times when lifting heavy. This goes for both high intensity training (HIIT) as well as endurance training.

BCAAs can also enhance performance through their ability to spare glycogen during training. Glycogen is the favoured fuel source for working muscles and studies have shown that by drinking BCAAs before and during training glycogen levels can be spared by 25%. This glycogen sparing effect of BCAAs will not only allow for longer more intense training sessions but also allows for faster recovery leading to a better workout.




supplement guideGlutamine is an amazing supplement for building muscle tissue, it’s an amino acid produced in your body, and being one of the most common amino acids in your body it makes up 61% of your skeletal tissue and helps with protein synthesis. When your body is low on glutamine levels intense workouts can cause muscle wastage, therefore supplementing with glutamine will help preserve your muscles, help you train better with increased energy and help repair those muscles after training.


Protein Powder

When you complete an intense strength training workout the body needs to repair itself. In order to do that it needs specific nutrition in the form of protein. Protein is the essential building block for muscle repair and comes packed in whey protein shakes and protein food sources in the form of chicken and steak. When taken immediately after a workout the protein helps with rapid muscle recovery.




Warrior Greens - 30 ServingsFor your body to work at its best it needs to be fuelled by essential nutrients in the form of a multi vitamin or greens supplement.  they help to keep your body functioning during intense training. Multi-vitamins help with protein synthesis which helps your body use the protein to build muscle, help control energy levels, growth and repair of muscle but most importantly to help strengthen the immune system.


I hope this gives you a great insight into the basic supplementation available from the Bodybuilding Warehouse.


By Anita Roberts

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