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Tag Archives: mma

  • Full Body or Split Routines?

    Posted on July 17, 2014 by Jason Law

    Full Body Or Split Routines?

    This debate is one that's been circling around for a long time now and why is that... Because there really isn't a set answer to whether you should do full body or split routines. The way you split your workout should really come down to you. This should take into account your [...]

    This post was posted in Athletes and was tagged with Bodybuilding, full body workouts, mma, Split training, training styles

  • A Daily Dose of Supplements

    Posted on May 12, 2014 by Jason Law

    MMA Fighter Jason Law talks us through his daily dose of supplements to complement his training and diet.  
    Supplements have become such a massive factor in sports nowadays, breaking the boundaries of limitations, expanding our abilities and maximising potential. I am a massive fan of  supplementation that supports me, alongside a good diet. You will find [...]

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  • MMA Fighter Joins #TeamBBWarehouse

    Posted on April 29, 2014 by BBWarehouse

    Bodybuilding Warehouse would like to welcome Jason Law to #TeamBBWarehouse. Jason has a history of Bodybuilding and is currently a semi pro MMA fighter with aspirations of becoming a light heavy weight MMA champion.
    Here is a little more about Jason;
    Name: Jason Law
    Date of Birth: 4th March 1985
    Height: 5ft 10
    Weight: 95kg
    About Me: I am a fully qualified personal trainer with over [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with mma, TeamBBWAREHOUSE

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