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Tag Archives: warrior blaze

  • Do Fat Burners Really Work?

    Posted on August 21, 2014 by Jason Law

    The supplement market is saturated with hundreds of different weight loss/fat loss products and it can be hard to know what does work and what doesn't.
    As an ex competitive bodybuilder,  I have always looked for supplements to aid fat loss; to either make it easier or to speed it up. To be honest, for me [...]

    This post was posted in Athletes and was tagged with fat burners, product trial, warrior blaze, weight loss

  • The Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme

    Posted on June 12, 2013 by Kieran Fisher

    Lose body fat and get ripped with the Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme!
    In general, 99% of fitness enthusiasts want to do one of two things: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat... 
    This article will cover the second of those two objectives – losing bodyfat, whilst retaining your hard won muscle. Why is that important? Because you don’t [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with fat loss, shredding, warrior blaze, weight loss

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