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#TeamBBWarehouse Is Expanding

Posted on May 2, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Bodybuilding Warehouse would like to welcome Kris Miles to #TeamBBWarehouse! Kris is a NABBA competitor who competes in the under 80kg class and he will be competing again at the NABBA  Britain Finals in May.






Lets hear from Kris:  I am super excited to be part of the #TeamBBwarehouse! I'm 30 years old and started competing in 2011.  My first show was at the UKBFF South Coast in the intermediate under 80kg class where I placed 2nd.  This first show was amazing and i set my sites on more shows for 2012. The next show i did during 2012 was the Nabba South East and I placed 3rd in the Novice Class. I then competed the very next day at the UKBFF South Coast, again in the Mr Under 70kg class and placed 2nd.  There was a few
IMG_2214867340099 more competitions available ot me in 2012 so i competed again in October at the UKBFF midlands championships, in the Mr under 70kg class and placed 2nd.  During 2013, i made it through to the  Nabba Mr Britain and placed in the top ten among a tough line up! I recently competed in the   Nabba South East 2014 and placed  2nd which secured my invite to the Nabba Mr Britain 2014!   I'm currently prepping to step on stage and go for a win. That gives me around 5 Weeks to train and train! My off season weight is 95kg and my contest weight is 80kg.  


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 By Bodybuilding Warehouse


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