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The Balloon Pill: Help or Hindrance

Posted on January 21, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

So apparently there’s a new pill that will soon be available that's going to help tackle obesity!

The Balloon Pill

You may have seen this on the news or heard about it on the radio. This new intra-
gastric balloon has been nicknamed the ‘Balloon Pill’ and it's being said that it isn’t a magic pill to zap the pounds off you but a pill to help kick start weight loss. All you do is swallow the balloon pill attached to a very small catheter, the pill dissolves in the stomach and then the balloon can be pumped up to the size of a hamburger. The tube is then pulled out to release the balloon which has a self sealing valve and can stay in the stomach for up to 6 months. This will therefore take up room in the stomach and make the person feel fuller quicker so promote smaller meals when eating to help kick off the weight loss. In trials of a mainly female demographic in their forties, the average weight loss was 1st 3lb.

So is something like this a good idea? Are we not then just saying it’s ok to get fat because there’s a pill that will help you lose weight again, so you can eat whatever you want and enjoy it? Or is it a good kick-start for someone that battles with their weight and enable them to get used to smaller meals? Eating smaller meals may not necessarily mean turning a diet around and choosing to eat healthy and nutritious foods. It may be an excuse for people not to exercise because they think the work is being done for them? Perhaps, if people are educated properly on what they should be eating then what’s saying that when the balloon is removed they won’t slip back into old habits. It’s advised that the patient should start an exercise program whilst the balloon is in place to help improve chances of success but isn’t this something that should be promoted beforehand?

Would money be better spent educating people? We see the anti smoking campaigns plastered on television, billboards and in magazines with graphic images of the effects it can have on the body and what it does to the vital organs. Years of eating junk food, takeaways and processed foods can have detrimental effects so why aren’t these issues being raised? Instead of putting money in to what we should do to help the obese we should be tackling the problem earlier on through education and encouraging people to take on a new healthier lifestyle that they are able to maintain. Regular exercise and a good clean diet!

By Bodybuilding Warehouse

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