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The Benefits of Green Tea

Posted on August 31, 2013 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

Green Tea can help your body in various ways, read here to find out the benefits...

The Benefits of Green Tea


Throughout my contest prep I was drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day, with me working in an office environment you can image more and more people started to catch on and drink green tea as everyone wants to make these little changes to help better themselves and reach their goals. However yesterday I overheard someone ask why a member of their team was drinking so much green tea? Their response, “because it’s good for me” yet couldn’t explain why or how.

Green tea and black tea come from the same Asia plant, the Camellia Sinensis, the difference between the two are how they’re processed. Obviously green tea originated in Asia and has spread across to the west because of its many health benefits and no doubt recent media hype.

One huge factor when it comes to the rise in popularity for this supplement are the fat burning benefits, recent studies found when drinking green tea it raises thermogenesis, just like cinnamon and cayenne pepper. One main reason I had so much green tea whilst dieting is that it can help raise your resting metabolic rate by up to 3%. To achieve this you should aim to consume 3 cups a day. Besides drinking green tea you can always opt for a capsule form of green tea extract which can be found in Warrior Blaze which uses a strong split of green tea and caffeine to help improve fat oxidation and thermogenesis help improve weight loss whilst maintaining energy, which the new Warrior Blaze reborn certainly does!

The Benefits Of Green Tea by Lee Malone

Besides helping aid fat loss here are more added benefits of green tea:

-Tooth Decay- The chemical catechin within green tea helps remove bacteria and viruses which can lead to throat infections

-Skin – With green tea containing so many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activities this can help lead to signs of ageing and clear pores

-Blood- frequent intake of green tea can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure

-Cholesterol- Green tea helps improve the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol within the body

-Heart Disease- Studies have shown that green tea can help reduce the changes of esophageal cancer which is linked to killing cancer cell without damaging any of the tissue around them

I hope this helps explains more benefits of green tea than the main fat loss goal, how many cups of green tea you have a day is entirely up to you. Obviously 1 cup a day isn’t going to be as productive as 3 however many studies I’ve read have indicated between 3-5 cups a day is ideal however how many you personally have can depend on how tolerant you are to caffeine. I found when I started drinking green tea to help with the flavour I added lemon or ginger whilst not only helped improve the taste but also added more health benefits too.
By Lee Malone

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