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The Best Exercises: Part 1

Posted on May 5, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

Ambassador Lou Brierley shares his best exercises to get you awesome results no matter what your goal!

How to get results:

Whether you’re looking to build lean muscle or lose body fat, there some great exercises that you can do to achieve those goals. All the exercises in this two part series are multi-joint or compound exercises and recruit 2 or more muscles. These exercises will give you the most bang for your buck and thats why they feature in my best exercises list! Also, for a beginner these are great exercises for you to get started and will ensure you adequately hit every muscle that you’re targeting.

The Supplements - These exercises all require explosive actions, therefore a Pre-workout like Warrior RAGE is ideal. Its also important to focus on recovery and endurance. Try an intra workout like Pure PeptoPro and a post workout shake of Performance Protein V2.



The Dead Lift is A great exercise for overall body development. This is an exercise which recruits more muscle fibres and motor units than most other exercises. This exercise can be hard to perform so ensure technique is right before upping the weights. Deadlifts are great for back, traps, arms and leg development and a great way to engage the core. My number 1 staple in the majority of peoples program's providing the right technique is performed. There are also many variations of this deadlift dependant on your goal. Snatch grip deadlifts, deficit deadlifts, rack deadlifts all sorts of variations you can use to overload certain parts of the movement.

How to – Set your feet shoulder width apart underneath the middle of the bar. Leave your butt in the air; grab the bar with a grip just outside of feet width. Then, bring your shins to the bar (This should in turn bring your hips lower) keeping the chest high, the upper back tight and the arms locked. Before you pull, brace your core and ensure your driving through the legs up though the hips till your sine is neutral and you’re stood up.

Tips – Engage the core. Stay tight. Practice makes perfect.

best exercises




You will often hear of people saying that you need to squat to get a great booty and they're not wrong! Squats are one of the best exercises for leg development; they’ll hit your quads, hamstrings and glutes hard if you perform them through their full range of motion. Squats can be difficult to perform but if done correctly are effective exercises for all goals! If a toned, firm ass is your goal then squats are in your program! I recommend pre exhausting the quads with an isolation exercise before squatting. This will put more emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes.best exercises

How to – Adjust the rack to a height that you can comfortably un rack and re rack the barbell. Set your hands on the bar in an even fashion. Then bring yourself under the bar ensuring that you’re central. Un rack the bar and step back into the rack. Set your feet to your normal squatting width (I’d recommend shoulder width with toes slightly pointed out). Take a big deep breath in, keep your chest high, brace your core and lower yourself back into the squat, pushing the hips backwards. At the bottom of the squat I find it easier to drive the knees out. When you’ve hit depth, drive up through the shoulders (Imagine pushing the bar away) and through the hips.

Tips – Make sure you’re squatting through the full range of motion.



'How much do you bench?' We've all heard that moronic question when you mention you go to the gym, even people who don't lift seem to know what the bench press is! This is a great compound exercise that will recruit the pectoral muscles, the deltoids and the triceps. One tip I suggest for the bench press is ensuring you are warmed up properly before lifting any weight, one of the most injury prone exercises out there.

How to – Set yourself onto the bench, ensuring your lower body is tight. This is very important, so many people neglect tightness in the lower body. This supplies massive stability and power. Set your shoulder blades and lats deep into the bench and stay tight. Set your hands on the bar evenly, un rack and bring the bar down controlled to the bottom of the chest. Drive up and back towards the rack.

Tips – Stay tight. Control the bar down, touch the chest and explosively drive off. 6 of the best exercises – whatever your goal!


By Lou Brierley

Bodybuilding Warehouse

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