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The Best Exercises: Part 2

Posted on May 8, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

The final part of "The Best Exercises" hits you with classic moves that are guaranteed to help you hit your goals, no matter what you're aiming for. Click Here to view Part 1 :)

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These exercises all require explosive actions, therefore a Pre-workout like Warrior RAGE is ideal. Its also important to focus on recovery and endurance. Try an intra workout like Pure PeptoPro and a post workout shake of Performance Protein V2.




Lunges are a great exercise for lower body development. There are many variations of the lunge, ones that are more quad dominant, glute dominant etc. This means that whatever
best exercisesyour goal, a lunge should be in your program. It is also a great exercise for core stability.

How to - The lunge is relatively simple in terms of form. Ensure you take a big enough
stride forward so that your foot knee doesn’t track over your front foot. As you step out ensure your upper body is braced, tight and straight, drop down with the back knee (Just off of the floor) and drive with the front knee. Try and drive through the heel by ensuring that stay on the floor. If you’re doing walking lunges, one fluid motion into the next rep and for alternate lunges drive back to the original starting position for the next rep.




the best exercises

Again, like the lunge there are many different types of row, all of which are great for back

development. Personally I like underhand 'Yates' rows as I feel I get a good stretch and a good contraction on the targeted muscle. Also, with an underhand grip the forearms and biceps also get a great workout.

How to – Depending on the type of bent over row you are doing technique may vary a little bit. For this we will say you’re doing a ‘Yates’ row. So grab a barbell with an underhand grip just outside shoulder width apart. Keeping the core and upper body tight, slowly lower the weight until you’re upper body is at about a 45 degree angle with the floor. For this exercise I like to solely concentrate on moving the elbow back and contracting the lats.





A great exercise for developing the deltoids. Again, a lot of variations with the OHP but I
personally prefer the push press. The Push Press allows you to drive with the legs to get the weight moving. This means that more weight can be used and more overloads can be placed on the deltoids. With any pushing exercise I ensure I am fully warmed up before performing a max set.

How to – Bring a barbell to chest height (whilst standing). Tuck the elbows and keep them high with a grip at shoulder width distance. From here, drop with the legs and drive up pressing the bar overhead. Once the bar is moving ensure you push your head through and under the bar to full lockout.

With the exercises above the outcome will all depend on sets and reps for strength I recommend working in the 3- 5 rep ranges with anything up to 10 sets. For muscular hypertrophy I recommend 6 - 12 reps for as many as 1 - 5 sets. For muscular endurance I recommend anything between 15 - 20 reps for as many as 1 - 5 sets.

There you have it, 6 great exercises that I recommend you all use. As always ensure that the working muscle is fully warmed up before performing any working sets and make sure you use a weight that is manageable.



By Lou Brierley


Bodybuilding Warehouse


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