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Creating The Ultimate Protein Bar

Posted on September 21, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 11 comment(s)

Today we announce the creation of the World’s Greatest Ever, Protein Flapjack Bar! This bar will be made 100% in-house, using the finest, European sourced, grass fed ingredients and manufactured right here within our own State-of-the-Art Facility.





Our New Protein Bar


- Will be called the Premium LUX Protein Flapjack, to denote their luxurious, decadent flavour.
- Contains a huge 20 grams of high-quality protein per bar.
- Looks incredible – made simply, naturally and packed with wholesome goodness.
- Contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.
- Does not contain added palm oil, or hidden nasties.
- Is made 100% in-house, in our own facility.
- Tastes ridiculously amazing.


In short, this is the bar you’ve been waiting for – and we’re going to give all our best customers a chance to try it upon release, for free. All we ask is that if you like it, tell a friend and pass it along. The journey to get to this point has taken us 12 months, many thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of pounds to complete. The creation of this bar is one of the greatest moments in our brands history, and personally one of my proudest moments, and we can’t wait to share it with you. But first…

New Flapjack Bar

How It All Began

We’ve come a huge way since 2008, and I’d like to thank you personally for sharing this incredible journey.

Where It Began

Starting a business is hard and very few people ever tell you this. They tell you about business plans (we never made one), about financing, about accounts, hiring etc… but they never tell you just how much is about you personally, moving things forward. They never tell you about persistence, determination, about passion and most importantly about loving what you do.

Starting a business is very much like working out. You train hard, day in day out for weeks, months, and slowly see it all coming together. At first maybe it’ll be you moving up a shirt size – from Medium to Large, or it may be finally hitting 140kg on your squat or deadlift. It’s the summation of thousands of hours of intensive effort that gradually turns your body from one thing, into something else.

When we started in 2008 I bought maybe 5 bottles of natural test boosting pills on my credit card, kept one to try myself and sold the rest online. I figured that if I priced them right, I could do this again and again, borrowing “free” capital on the credit card, and paying it all off by selling the stock before the end of the month came. The plan worked, and from the living room of my flat, we grew to a 5000sqft warehouse, and then the 21,000sqft warehouse we’re in today. Today we are one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the UK:

- We ship almost 20,000 orders per month
- We have over 150,000 amazing, passionate customers
- We create the greatest supplements in the world, right here in-house.

As most of you will know, 99% of our products are manufactured right here, in our own State of the Art facility using the finest quality ingredients the world has to offer. In short, we make the finest supplements in the world, using the best ingredients, formulated by the industry’s leading minds. Although we started as a “retailer”, we’re far more a manufacture now. In fact, we’re so good at making supplements we make them for another 50 brands to support their business and aspirations. They come to us because we have a reputation for quality that stands above all other suppliers. If it says Bodybuilding Warehouse on the label, you can guarantee it has the best quality ingredients and that complete honesty, integrity and transparency are on the label to show that.

So What About Bars?

Bars are one of the very few products we didn't manufacture in house. Manufacturing bars requires substantial investment – and when I say substantial, I’m talking from the perspective of having already created one of the finest powder, tablet and capsule facilities in Europe. Only 2 other companies at present manufacture their own bars in house, and in the world, there are less than 10 high-quality operations that you would ever go to, to create your own protein bar.In the UK, the 2 other companies are Glanbia (the multi-billion pound international dairy), and Reflex (the company founded in 1996). Reflex launched their protein bar line in January 2015, and Glanbia have been running theirs a long time. Glanbia make a high quality bar, and our own Premium Protein Flapjack bars are made there along with some of the other bars you’ll see from large brands on the highstreet. Our Premium Protein Flapjacks are an amazing bar, and we’re very proud of them – in fact we’ve now shipped over 1 million of them, and they’re one of the most popular protein bars in the UK:

Bodybuilding Warehouse Sells 1 Million Protein Bars: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/business/bodybuilding-warehouse-sells-one-million-9017006

What we wanted to do however, was start making our own bars in house. We loved the creativity we saw from our customers online and you only have to go as far as our Instagram to see customers love our Premium Protein Pancakes, Premium Protein Mousse, and other innovations and love to create their own masterpieces using our formulas as a base - and we love to see them!


We can't lie - this made us jealous! We wanted more flexibility within the protein bar category – we wanted to create wild new flavours, add delicious new ingredients and create something you've never, ever seen before. We wanted to create the ultimate Protein Flapjack bar to start with, and see where the journey took us from there.

And Now?

We've done it! Over the last 12 months we've spent thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of pounds creating one of the greatest protein bar lines in the UK. We have brought the ability to create incredible, delicious and most importantly, nutritious bars in-house just like our protein powders, capsules and tablets.


New Flapjack



What makes this special is the pure complexity of it – very, very few companies ever risk trying to create their own protein bar factory in-house because its so incredibly hard. The infrastructure, space, technology and training needed to make it happen are on another scale entirely. Very few companies have the capacity, fewer the capital, and even fewer the will and drive to make it happen.

We will soon be sending out samples to our athletes to enjoy and review. Over the next month, we’ll begin running the first real production batches and we will go into more detail about the incredible quality of the ingredients used, and just what makes the bar special.

For now, thank you for being part of this epic journey so far. We pride ourselves on quality, quality, quality. We’re not a brand about fancy packaging or sponsoring people who don’t make a difference. We support true athletes, we love our passionate customers and we’re driven to create the very best sports nutrition the world has to offer, because we believe you deserve it.


All the best,

Founder & Managing Director,
Bodybuilding Warehouse

Managing Director

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11 thoughts on “Creating The Ultimate Protein Bar”

  • Brian

    OMG! They look delicious! When will they be released? I can't wait to try them and thank you for being so open and honest. More companies should be like BBW! :)

  • Jessica

    They look incredible 8D will you have samples available on site? When are they going on general release? xx

  • Adam

    Crazy! I remember buying from you back when you were just on forums! Best supplement brand by a mile - I only ever use your own brand products now and the results speak for themselves. Quality every time!

  • Christian Ayres

    Good article. Love your products and good luck with the in house flapjacks. Looking forward to trying them!

  • Zach powell

    Will be looking forward to these! Hopefully all natural and full of actual ingredients instead of flavourings like the others... Iv promoted bbw to a few of my friends and people i work with in my gym i work at love BBW and will continue to support the brand congrats and keep it up Kieran!!!

  • Barry Batchelor

    Great achievement hope the launch goes well can't wait to taste. All the best.

  • Tobias Cambrook-Woods
    Tobias Cambrook-Woods September 21, 2015 at 8:50 pm


    Congratulations on your new bar, it certainly sounds very promisingand a fitting end to all your hard work !
    I'm looking forward to trying them.

    All the best,


  • Steve Combe

    Blueberry yoghurt is already the best protein flapjack in the world. How are you going to top that.

  • Chris Ford

    What an incredible story... proud to be part of this and easily the best home grown supplements available in the UK! Keep up the great work!!

  • Darren Grigas

    *Website due to launch in the next few days.
    Hi Kieran
    I just wanted to say I really appreciate your open and honest emails, it's great that you've come so far and the countless hours and investments have paid off.
    I've been buying your products on and off for a few years now and have always found them to be great tasting and do the job nicely. Although I'm not actually bodybuilding as such these days as an endurance athlete but bodyweight functional circuits play a big part in my regime so strength conditioning and recovery is crucial. l race ultra marathons such as the toughest footrace on earth The Marathon des Sables, running Hadrian's Wall or cycling and running coast to coast across Scotland. I've found all the products I've had from BBW to be great for supporting my needs. I often write for various national running magazines and websites such as The Guardian running blog, Outdoor Fitness Magazine, men's running and Trail running magazine. I'd be interested to chat about working together to review and promote targeted products and perhaps even produce a 'runners' range to target them specifically.
    Congratulations on the new bar, I look forward to getting my teeth into a few. Hope to hear from you when you get the chance if you're interested.
    All the best

  • Adam

    Good luck with the new bars, I look forward to trying them!

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