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The Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Kieran Fisher There have been 0 comments

Check out our Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme and how you can get RIPPED...


Lose body fat and get ripped with the Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme!


In general, 99% of fitness enthusiasts want to do one of two things: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat... 

This article will cover the second of those two objectives – losing bodyfat, whilst retaining your hard won muscle. Why is that important? Because you don’t just want to become a smaller, skinnier version of yourself. You want to be ripped to the bone, rippling with muscle, strong… fit… a Warrior, with abs for the beach.

Losing weight without caring about retaining your muscle will just have you entering a catabolic state where you just lose WEIGHT – not fat – WEIGHT! This is bad. Smaller muscles, a “skinny fat” belly… Basically the shape you see running down the street at 6-7am every morning. Lots and lots of joggers end up being skinny fat because they focus only on cardiovascular exercise, not diet and they avoid weights.

The Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme incorporates every aspect of fat loss you NEED, to not just lose fat and get ripped, but retain muscle and maximise natural performance.

Warrior Blaze Reborn11 copy

Where do we start? DIET!

Diet is boring. There… I said it, but it’s fact. Lifting heavy weights, doing high intensity cardio on the heavy bag. Sprinting up hills trying to beat your old time. That’s interesting. Eating chicken and broccoli is not.

However, as much as we might moan and about it, it’s a fact that without a solid diet you will not get the body you want… however, even though you will have to suffer the occasional boring meal, I think you can probably have fun with it. Here’s a diet plan for the next 30 days if you choose to follow the Warrior Blaze Fat Loss Programme:

6am - Wake Up – 2 Warrior Blaze Caps with 300ml water

6.15am – 30 mins of Cardio - Mix this up. One day warm up, then do hill sprints. Next day, do a long fast paced walk. Intersperse high intensity and lower intensity cardio so your body has time to recover between intensive cardio sessions whilst also benefiting from a constant rate of high-activity throughout the week. You are moving more… and with the appetite suppression compounds in Blaze, eating less.

7am – Breakfast! Boom! This is the time to stock up! Breakfast is the most enjoyable meal of the day for one basic, spectacular reason… you get to eat starchy carbs! After your cardio workout it’s time to fuel up those muscle glycogen stores again. I recommend:

-          3-6 eggs scrambled, boiled or poached (you need to work it out yourself, if you’re an 8st teenage girl, 3 will be adequate, if you’re a 250lb male MMA fighter, 6 is better). I recommend eating whole eggs because dietary cholesterol from the yolk in the egg has been shown to help boost natural testosterone levels. Testosterone in itself will help you retain your muscle, whilst also being mildly thermogenic, and helpful in shifting bodyfat. The cholesterol in eggs is also NOT linked to heart disease… so don’t worry about the yolk being unhealthy, even the British Heart Foundation says it’s not - http://www.bhf.org.uk/default.aspx?page=12920
-          3-5 oatcakes topped with natural peanut butter
-          1 piece of fruit (pick any, I recommend and apple, banana, something fast and easy). Try to swap this piece of fruit around day to day so you get a mixture of vitamins and minerals throughout the week
-          All washed down with: 1 serving Warrior Greens and 1 cap Warrior Adonis
These are there because they contain ingredients you rarely get enough quantities of in a normal diet. Warrior Adonis also contains digestive enzymes which will help your body digest and utilise the meal you’ve just had.

10am – Snack
-          1-2 scoops of BBW Performance Protein or Premium Peptide Probiotic
-          1 piece of fruit – an apple is perfect as the fibre content in the skin will help slow down digestion. Don’t stick to the same fruit all the time. Switch it up. You basically want healthy, natural raw fruit or vegetables in a modest portion.

12.30pm – Lunch
- MEAT! I’d recommend steak, or oily fish, as well as chicken. Mix it up throughout the week. The more variety in your diet the more vitamins, minerals and nutrients you’ll be feeding your body. Does this make a difference to fat loss? Probably not… but in 20yrs time you won’t care so much about how fat you are (or aren’t), you’ll care about health and want to be around to see your grandchildren.
- Steamed vegetables – I’d recommend broccoli, carrots, and spinach. Why these? Because broccoli has been shown in certain studies to help fight cancer. Since many of us (around 50%) will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives and its one of the UK’s biggest killers, it makes sense to include hefty portions of it within our diet. A Warrior is not just ripped, he is a healthy beast!
- Nuts – I recommend macadamia nuts. You can any but the ones to avoid are peanuts  because they are not a nut, they’re a bean.

3pm – Snack
-          1-2 scoops of BBW Performance Protein or Premium Peptide Probiotic
-          1 piece of fruit or small bag of carrot sticks
-          1 Warrior Blaze Cap

6pm – TRAINING TIME!!!fat loss programme
Boom! Fun times! Go train, train hard, enjoy yourself, and remember you’re in a fat loss stage so if you feel sore, like injury sore be careful. Your body will not be able to recover as fast during a dieting phase as it will during a bulking phase so if you feel weird niggles, be careful and ensure you don’t over do it. Train hard, but train smart.

On none training days, just go eat – you should be doing some form of mild to intense cardio 6 days a week, but training is your own game. Train according to your own training plan and sports or physique goals.

7pm – Dinner
Dinner needs to be similar to lunch, although since you’ll now be at home you’ll now have time to add in something for dessert.

Dessert?! Yes, dessert! You can have an awesome little dessert even when dieting. Here are some ideas:
-          Protein Lollies- get an ice lolly mould from the supermarket and shake up some BBW Whey IsoClear, then pour the mixture into the moulds. Leave to freeze and you now have a delicious protein ice lolly!
-          Protein Milk Lollies – same idea as above, however this time mix BBW Performance Protein or Premium Whey, Premium Peptide, or Premium Casein with milk and leave to set in the ice lolly mould… this makes a lovely little milk lolly.
-          For more ideas, check out our recipe section here. We’ve created tons of tasty recipes that would work perfectly for dessert whilst dieting: http://www.bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk/articles/

This gives you the following basic diet program for the next 30 days to kick-start your fat loss – whilst remaining healthy, and boosting overall vitality. You should FEEL better on the diet below, not worse, because you’re increasing your overall intake of fruits, vegetables, and fresh produce.

6am – 2 caps Warrior Blaze with 300ml water

6.15am – 30 mins cardio as per above programme

7am – Breakfast

-          3-6 scrambled, poached or boiled eggs
-          3-5 oatcakes with natural peanut butter
-          1 piece fruit
-          1 serving Warrior Greens
-          1 cap Warrior Adonis

10am – Snack:

-          1-2 scoops BBW Performance Protein or BBW Premium Peptide Probiotic, mixed with water
-          1 piece fruit or carrot sticks

12.30pm – Lunch:

-          Steak, oily fish, or chicken – 1 portion (e.g. a chicken breast)
-          Steamed vegetables (e.g. broccoli, carrots, and spinach)
-          Handful of nuts (e.g. Macadamia, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts etc.)
-          1 Cap Warrior Adonis

3pm – Snack:

-          1-2 scoops BBW Performance Protein or BBW Premium Peptide Probiotic, mixed with water
-          1 piece fruit or carrot sticks
-          1 Cap Warrior Blaze

6pm – Training

7pm – Dinner:

-          Steak, oily fish, or chicken – 1 portion (e.g. a chicken breast)
-          Steamed vegetables (e.g. broccoli, carrots, and spinach)
-          Handful of nuts (e.g. Macadamia, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts etc.)
-          1 Cap Warrior Adonis

7.30pm – Dessert – pick a healthy high-protein recipe from our recipes section, or try the protein lollies recipe from earlier

How does this compare to your normal cutting plan? How do you think you’d get on with it? We’d love to hear feedback from our customers – tell us what you think on our facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/bodybuilding.sports.supplements
By Kieran Fisher

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