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Weight Loss Tips

Posted on February 6, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

A few simple, yet effective, tips to ensure consistent weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips:

I have now been involved in nutrition and fitness for a good 8 years. If there is one thing I have learned when it comes to ensuring consistent weight loss, it is to make sure your dietary changes are maintainable.

A lot of coaches and trainers will give out diet plans that are perfect on paper and if you were to follow them would yield great results. However one tends to overlook the fact that we are all human and to follow anything in life we need to enjoy it.

How many times have you followed a diet only at the end to binge and reverse all of your hard work in a period of days and end up worse than you were prior to the diet?! I know I have.

I wanted to write a little article to help suggest a few things that can create a “lifestyle” over a “diet” and create habits that generates a physique you want through balance.


Tip One For Weight Loss -  Carb Timing

If there is one thing I have noticed in recent years is the focus people put on eating little to no carbs in a diet. I have found eradicating carbs completely even if done well through keto tends to cause huge cravings for sweet foods and thus eventually results in uncontrollable binging. Even if you are disciplined enough to resist, people tend to suffer from hunger and lack of energy which once again is not balanced or maintainable.

My tip here is to time your carbohydrates as opposed to cutting them out completely. Think of carbohydrates like petrol in your car. It is a fuel source that is used when the car is running, when it isn’t, it sits in the tank! Try and consume the majority of your carbs within the hour before and after your workouts. During this period your body will actually utilise these carbs rather than be stored as fat. This also applies to cheat meals! We all have cheat meals from time to time, if you are going to have one, a great habit to get into is ensuring you eat one within an hour of working out. This will ensure maximum utilisation and uptake of the food and once again store less fat.


Tip Two For Weight Loss – Don’t be afraid of a bit of junk

I tend to find that over restriction in any diet will lead to binging and cravings. A great tip here is allowing yourself some treats in moderation.  Throughout the week when you really fancy something for example haribo, have some. With this, we can take tip one above, if you are allowed 100g of carbs post workout, have 30g from haribo and the other 70g from a “cleaner” carb source. I am by no means an advocate of “if it fits your macros” however; I do believe that being balanced can really help to avoid huge binges which can throw a diet completely off track!


Tip Three For Weight Loss – Don’t rush

As much as we do not want to believe it, fat loss takes time and is limited by time. I have seen (and myself included) people jump into a weight loss diet and within a week cut their food down to practically nothing. Given that fat loss can only really reach a certain amount per week, all that you tend to do is ruin your metabolism, starve yourself, lose muscle and end up binging and going backwards!

My tip here is to accept that the road to weight loss is a process and a life style and ensure that you do not under eat. By slowly cutting back on calories over a period of time you can still maximise weight loss and minimise the need to cheat and still have plenty of energy for daily life and the gym.


The tips above are by no means exhaustive and I think the real lesson here to ensure that you reach your goals, and more importantly maintain your goals, is to strike a balance. No one can maintain a lifestyle for a long period that is causing them to suffer, and even if they did where is the enjoyment in that?!

Enjoy the process, be healthy and balanced and the weight loss goals will materialise.

By Elliot Wise







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