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Top Ten Gym Mistakes

Posted on January 11, 2016 by BBWarehouse There have been 3 comment(s)

When it comes to the gym, it’s easy to make mistakes but even the smallest mistake when done constantly can massively reduce the results that you see from your workouts. We’re here to tell you the Top Ten Gym Mistakes that we see in the gym, so that you guys don’t follow suit! We know how hard you work in the gym and all the time and effort you put into training, so we want to make sure you see the full benefit from it and smash those targets!


✔ The first thing we notice is when people do too much cardio and completely skip the weights section in a bid to ‘lose weight’ – we have seen it far too many times, people doing hours of cardio becoming ‘skinny fat’. The reason you won’t see the result you want from purely doing cardio is because endless cardio will burn away your muscle and may push your metabolism into a worse state than it started. Hitting the weights, will keep a stimulus on your muscles to make your body actually keep it and keep your metabolism up at the same time.

✔ A lot of people keep the same routine for too long when they’re training and although you might love the routine you’re doing, if it has stalled then your body is then used to doing the same thing. This means that you will be working for the results you want but your body won’t be. In the gym don’t be afraid to switch up your routine. Just because you like something doesn’t mean it is the best thing to do in order for you to hit your goals!

Gym Mistakes✔ The majority of people tend to use soreness as a guidance to whether they had a good workout or not. If you feel like you’ve trained really hard in the gym and don’t experience DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) for a while it doesn’t instantly mean that your workout has been a bad one. It could in fact be the opposite and could actually be a major indicator that your body is recovering well to your workout and that your nutrition is spot on.

✔ Having Cardio as part of your routine in the gym is essential, however we see too many people using the Cardio machines to count the calories they burn as the only factor of how hard they’re working. In the gym everyone burns calories at a different rate and there are too many different factors that need to be taken into consideration for the machine to be able to correct for everyone. It won’t be able to tell you your exact expenditure so if you do use the Cardio machines, just use the calorie counter as a guide and not as a gospel.

✔ Understandably, your body takes time to adjust to working out and takes even longer for you and other people to be able to see the results that you’re working so far for. That’s why the 5th biggest mistake is when people don’t giving themselves the right amount of time in order to get the results you want - so many people expect their body to change instantly, but the truth of the matter is that consistency and patience are key to achieving your goals. Your results won’t happen overnight but it will happ
en as long if you are consistent and work hard giving your body the right amount of time.

Gym Mistakes✔ So you’ve just finished in the gym and your body is craving food – and lots of it! If you come out of there and stuff your face with all of the completely wrong foods, you’ve just gone and undone all of the hard work and time you’ve put in. We’ve seen too many people go straight to fast food restaurants after the majority of their sessions. The best thing you can do is to stretch, cool down. You can refuel your body with all of the
Protein its craving by having a Bodybuilding Warehouse Pure Whey 80 Protein shake with something nutritious afterwards to feed your hard work and prep your body ready for your next session.

✔ Lifting too heavy too soon. Lifting heavy is great, but so many beginners aim to run before they can walk. You need to learn the good form and how the muscles are supposed to work in their true biomechanical function and especially how they feel when they are being contracted under the tension of the weights you are lifting. If your muscles feel like they are being contracted too much, there’s a reason for this. You can easily drop the weight and do higher reps in order to build up your strength first. You will get there, it just takes time!

✔ Looking to get that sought after 6 pack by repeatedly crunching over and over is in Gym Mistakesour Top Ten Gym Mistakes. There is a time and a place for crunches, but working them over and over can lead to imbalances between abdominals and lower back. Not only that but one of the biggest things that stops people from having that ‘6 pack’ is their actual body fat levels. It’s more than true when they say that abs are made in the kitchen. The key to obtaining those abs is good nutrition. If you are someone who does too many ab crunches, check out BBW Athlete Lee Malone’s Ab Routine.

✔ Learning by copying ‘that big dude’ in the gym. Now, we’re not saying he doesn’t always know what he is doing but from experience, a lot of people know what works for them and if you copy someone else it doesn’t always relate to gains your end. Everyone’s body is different so just because that routine works brilliantly for him, it might not have the same results for you. You need to learn what works for you and for your body. No one is the same.

✔ Lastly, working out repeatedly with the tank on empty. Once again there is will be some times when empty tanks will be beneficial (an example being fasted cardio) but we’ve seen too many gym goers fuelling their workout with just water and expecting strength gains along with muscle gains. Would you drive a car alo
ng Route 66 without any petrol, tank on red and expect to get to the other end? Of course you wouldn’t! Don’t make the same mistake be expecting the same amazing result from a bad foundation.

Athlete Alison Hennessy

If you’ve found by reading this that you’ve been making mistakes, don’t give up. Just change what you’re doing slightly and you will see those gains come on a lot quicker! Fuelling your body with the correct supplements is a great start. An example can be if you are wanting to train on an empty stomach, the best supplement to take is Intra Workout iBCAAs 8:1:1. Alternatively, if fat loss is your goal, a major boost would be having black coffee with Bodybuilding Warehouse Coconut Oil included in it.

Hopefully this has cleared some of the things up and you will be well on the right track moving forwards. Happy lifting!

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