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Training Motivation and Discipline

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Anita Roberts There have been 0 comments

If there are two elements that will help us to achieve our goals without anything else, it is the ability to have discipline and the ability to create training motivation. These two elements are free in life but are both created from the heart and some people find it easy to motivate themselves whilst others sometimes need a helping hand in the form of a personal trainer or a coach.

Goals are what motivate us but it’s the discipline that will keep us on track to make sure the changes take place. Without the motivation we lack the ability to have goals, which involves focusing on something that inspires us to get up off the chair and push us forward to where we want to be. If you find it difficult to focus i've recently found that Ginkgo Biloba helps sharpen your thoughts and can make all the difference.

During my whole journey of becoming fit I have always been motivated by the stage, getting up in front of all the audience to show everyone what you have achieved is a huge amount of motivation and gives me the drive to push harder and harder every day. Seeing the changes that can be created from being disciplined is what also pushes me forward.

Discipline in my diet can sometimes be very testing, I always have a cheat meal every Saturday which allows me to choose a meal that I have craved all week but sometimes that isn’t enough, and sometimes I find myself wandering the kitchen, looking in cupboards, and feeling like my discipline to keep to a clean diet is being tested. How do I
training motivationovercome this? I often find that doing something that will distract you like cleaning or going out for a walk will distract me but it’s not always practical, but there are always ways that you can get a quick fix to cure those hunger pangs like drinking a pint of water, this will temporarily fill you up, but if you have a sweet tooth then why don’t you try making some suger free jelly to keep in the fridge? Sometimes just the thought of allowing yourself to have a spoonful of sugar free jelly will help to curb those dreaded cravings. But also making sure that you eat small and regular, eating a big meal will fill you up but it can sometimes be a long time before your next meal, so making sure that you eat regularly will ensure that you never go hungry. Foods like Protein Flapjacks or Protein Pancakes can give you a sweet fix and work as a meal replacement that is still helping you achieve your goals.

Setting small goals can be a great way to motivate yourself, a goal may be a new item of clothing, an event, or perhaps a competition, but whatever it may be it is always a starting point to achieving a new body or physique. Always remember to reward yourself, dieting and training can very often take its toll and can be quite demanding at times. So reward your achievements, I always make sure that I can afford a new item of gym wear or perhaps some new equipment to reward my efforts.

Making sure that you involve others in what your goals are, this can really help to motivate you. Having a good support network around you that can pick you up when you are down or help to encourage you, will make a huge difference. Just remember that you are an inspiration to others that want to do the same things as you, there is always someone out there that is just staring their training adventure and will look to you to help motivate them, for me this is what drives me every day and honoured that people look up to me for advice or direction.

Good luck in your training adventure and keep motivated!.......Anita.

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