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NASTY Training Tips

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Nathan Robinson There have been 0 comments

NASTY DO'S AND DON'TS!! Here are some training tips to keep you focused!


DO make sure you warm up thoroughly and correctly to avoid injury. Nothing will halt your progress faster than injury.

DON'T use too much weight. Throwing around dumbbells and barbells for the sake of ego and clocking up poundages will not make you grow any quicker. You should control the weight – It should never control you!

DO use correct technique and form. Squeeze and contract the muscle so that you get the most out of the exercise and stimulate the muscle to its maximum capacity.

DON'T be afraid of 'overtraining.' Although your workout should always be designed to ensure that you maximise your genetic potential and make optimum gains, I don't believe in overtraining, just under recovering. Push yourself 100% each and every workout, then eat, rest and grow accordingly.

DO take an intense approach to your training, work to failure and beyond, be sure to leave the muscle exhausted, that's the key to muscle hypertrophy.

DON'T coast through your workouts chatting or texting between sets is especially forbidden! That type of workout won't stress the muscle and force it to grow, at least not how you desire. For each rep, set and session put in your best effort, at the end of the day, 'you reap what you sew!'

DO Ensure you recuperate during training. Stick to approximate rest periods in between sets and supplement with products like creatine, BCAAs and maltodextrin. This will allow your body to be fresh and focused for the ne4xt set. For me, on smaller body parts I rest for about a minute, at a push maybe up to 90 seconds, then for larger body parts like legs or back, I will take about 2 minutes, even up to 3 on all out, heaviest working sets.


As a bodybuilder, you should enjoy your physique and taking it to new levels. You should head into every workout with a good, positive mindset, one you walk through the gym door you have to block out anything that's bothering you at home, at work and outside of the gym, focus fully and totally on your workout for however long it lasts. If you're there to chat, gossip or flirt with the local gym bunnies then you're probably in the wrong place, in fact you DEFINITELY are in the wrong place! Always be open and alert to learning new things, bodybuilding is a journey of discovery, that's what makes it interesting and fun and that's what I love most about it!

I hope you all enjoy your journey as much as I'm enjoying mine. Until next time; keep it NASTY!!


By Nathan Robinson

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