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Trapped Nerve and Bodybuilding

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

So, today was the day I begin the long road to recovery in relation to an injury that has plagued me the whole of my bodybuilding life something called – Foraminal Narrowing.

In short, what it actually can be described as is a trapped nerve, the opening of the vertebrae (foramina) has become blocked with scar tissue, muscle tissue or bone tissue causing impingement on the nerve – I have been informed this is genetic or possibly down to whiplash, bodybuilding has actually helped it by having a strong neck it has stopped degeneration for so long.

It causes me issues daily from just general neck mobility, migraines, not being able to spine_anatomy12sleep properly the list could go on and it is something that NEEDS sorting.

Having an MRI scan a few months back and waiting for the appointment today was the first part. Due to having the pain stemming from either C5 & C6 or C7 (vertebrae in the neck area of the spine) the first injection into the spine would be aimed at C5 & C6, to numb the nerve to make sure that it is just that nerve that is the issue before a larger operation. If it isn’t that one then I will have to undergo the procedure again, donning that fashionable gown  (they need instructions for those!)

So, I went into the room dressed to impress I must say, and what greeted me was the CT scanner.

The actual procedure is called a ‘CT Root Nerve Injection’.

I had to have some pictures so that they could ‘lock onto the target’, going in and out repeatedly and keeping still for about 15 minutes. Then they popped some local anaesthetic into my neck ready for the corticosteroid injection to proceed and number the nerve.
CT Scanner

They had the target locked on, I actually made sure that they kept the screen in view of me so that I knew what they were doing – the 4.89cm depth that they had was a bit daunting! It was one big needle for sure!

After about 5 times adjusting the depth putting me into the scanner and taking more pictures they popped the solution into my neck, a sharp pain then I felt nothing after it had locked onto the nerve.

I swear when I said I needed the toilet afterwards they made me wait longer in the ward – 10 minutes turned to 30, charming!

Now I have been told up to 2 weeks not going hard, 48 hours complete rest then the further few days I can’t stay sitting still, this is going to be real hard but I will make the most of the time to let my muscles recover.

Fingers crossed it’s the right nerve and I will be good for starting prep in a few weeks, then they schedule the operation after the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow show!

I shall keep you all updated!

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By Ollie Matthews

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