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UKBFF 2 weeks out - Mens Physique Prep

Posted on August 25, 2014 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

I am now less than 2 weeks out from UKBFF Leicester show - Mens Physique division.

I am excited, but i know that the competition is tough and i still have to work as hard at everything as i’ve being doing for the last 12 weeks.

There has been no major changes to my diet or training, as i firmly believe that consistency is the key. I have kept my calories above 2000 cals per day all the way down to now and i don’t think i will drop them lower as I'm still losing fat. I train a
different body part everyday for roughly 45 mins, and i do anything between 3 and 5 cardio sessions a week - nothing more than 25 mins at a medium intensity purely to just burn calories. I tried low intensity last year and it dint work for me, and i think HIIT training burns muscle more than fat with my body type. I aim to burn around 100 calories per 10 mins with my cardio training.

I like to keep my diet inline with the blood type diet, being AB positive makes it difficult for me to agree with many foods. So i’ve kept it nice and simple this year and gone for plain white fish as my main source of protein, and ryvita as my main source of carbs. Ryvita is great as its high in fibre, low in sugar and the fats are healthy. If i get hungry i’ve been snacking on either broccoli or asparagus, which isn't particularly fun but if you want something bad, you should be able to do anything for it!

I have resisted temptation to any proper cheat meals this year, i don’t particularly think cheat meals work well for me, i guess they must for some people but not everyone person is the same!

The biggest thing i’ve learnt this year is balance, last year i went too hard on the training and diet and wore myself out, i was tired, moody, fatigued, i shut my whole social life down and broke up with my girlfriend. This year i’ve learned to chill out a lot more, to take things slower and easy. Ive stopped drinking but not stopped going out, i’ve done far less cardio and ate a lot more. I feel much better this time round, much happier and healthier. So keep things balanced, you will see much better results and also feel better too!

Like i said earlier, consistency is the key to your goals. Keep at what your doing, don't keep looking for something new, find a training program or a diet and stick with it!

Last but not least, use things to your advantage, when you start a diet, your
UKBFFmetabolism should be high. Use this to your advantage, don't use any fat burners or anything to help boost your metabolism. Wait, until you start to peak or stop losing weight, then use one of your lifelines. Last 3 weeks i started to flatline, i was getting tired and i felt my metabolism had dipped way too much. I totally forgot about green tea! As soon as i started drinking it (5-10 cups per day) it was a great pick up, my metabolism fired up and it gave me so much more energy! Green tea is a lot more powerful than you may believe! So use things in stages, the average person will feel a drop in their metabolism every 4-6 weeks when dieting, so at week 6 implement fat burners, and then maybe week 10 start with the green tea, CLA or something similar.

My top supplements to use on a cut, are ,BCAA  fat burners, green tea and CLA.

By Richard Ash Find me on Twitter: @RicIsaacAsh Instagram: ukbff_ric

on behalf of  Bodybuilding Warehouse

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