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Posted on October 17, 2013 by Nathan Robinson There have been 0 comments

So the time is almost upon us! The UKBFF British Finals is a few days away....


This diet is hitting me HARD!! Carbs are minimal,only 90g per day in total & with 2 hours cardio daily, as well as my usual ball busting weight training routine, as you can imagine fatigue and exhaustion is setting in! This is the time when a bodybuilder really has to dig deep to find the strength & determination to keep pushing even harder when others would fall by the wayside & give up! This is the reason I love being a bodybuilder,in my eyes we work harder and more consistently than any other athlete in any other sport! It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even in our 'offseason' we rarely take time off to rest or relax like other professional athletes do.

UKBFF Champion Although I feel terrible, my physique is exactly where I want it to be! Condition is at an all time best, showing all the hard earned muscle I have gained since last stepping on stage in 2011. Improvements are evident,with more size and sweep through my quads and hamstrings and greater detail thorough my back and traps,which will make my back shots even more impressive...hopefully,the judges will think so too! Even though I am glugging down 10ltrs of water a day I seem to be staying really dry,even though I may have consumed 7-8ltrs by the time I train at 6.30 I still have some crazy striations and detail...particularly in my chest, delts and triceps.

With the clock ticking,there is no time to sit back and ease into the show,I need to keep my foot on the gas and keep it going 100% till the moment I step on stage on October 20th.

Lastly, I wanna give a massive shout out to my bodybuilding warehouse family for being so supportive and providing me with every last thing I need to be my best on show day, nothing was ever too much trouble for them and that's why they are the BEST in the business!!

If you are at the British, please come say 'hi' and make sure you gimme a shout while I'm up there doing my thing! Make some noise people!!


Keep it nasty!!


By Nathan Robinson

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