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UKBFF Mens Physique - 6 Days To Go

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

The UKBFF Mens Physique NORTH WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS take place on the 4th May 2014 and Bodybuilding Warehouse Ambassador Lee Malone, discusses his condition and training at 10 days out.

UKBFF Mens Physique -10 Days out

First up, let me just apologise for the lack of updates, the last 3 weeks have been ridiculously busy as I started a new job and spent a week down in Somerset. The new job means that i’ve gone from a laid back office environment where I could eat my meals when I needed at my desk to a field sales role.  As such, I have adapted my diet and training around that. I’m up earlier in the mornings and hitting cardio before breakfast then once I’m done its breakfast, shower and out on the road with my 6 pack bag and keeping everything on point.

So to bring everyone up to date since my last blog, I’ve dropped my food down ever so slightly to 233g carbs, 350g protein and 58g fat, which comes to 2,729kcal a day.  This is pretty high compared to previous diets/contest preps I’ve done. I’ve also increased my cardio to steady state everyday and around 2 weeks ago I introduced Warrior Blaze into my supplement stack as I need to fire up my metabolism,  shift these last few lbs of fat and get that extra boost of energy.

This picture was taken on Easter Monday when I was 13 days out.ukbff 2014

My current supplement stack

2 Warrior Blaze caps upon waking before cardio

4 Bodybuilding Warehouse CLA caps throughout the day with meals

1 Bodybuilding Warehouse Vitamin D cap

Bodybuilding Warehouse Prime or Warrior Rage – Pre workout

Bodybuilding Warehouse 8:1:1 during morning cardio and weight training

Bodybuilding Warehouse PURE 80 Whey, Waxymaize, 10g creatine and 10g glutamine- Post workout

Bodybuilding Warehouse Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 before bed

 My current training split

Monday – Cardio/legs/abs

Tuesday – Cardio/Chest/abs

Wednesday – Cardio/shoulders

Thursday – Cardio/back/abs

Friday – Cardio/abs

Saturday – Cardio/arms

Sunday – Cardio/full body circuit/abs

So that’s my macros, supplements and food. This will probably be my last blog post before my show as it is Peak Week and show day is on Sunday! I’m stupidly excited and can’t wait to get up there and show just how much I’ve improved since last year.

Finally I just want to say a huge thank you to Kieran and everyone from Bodybuilding Warehouse for your amazing support over the last 11 months and throughout my prep, amazing supplements at the best prices. Also I’d like to thank my family and girlfriend for their continuous support and everyone across facebook, twitter and instagram that have contacted me and shown great support. I can’t wait to have everyone with me on the day of the show cheering me on.

Keep up to date with my final week of prep and pics from the show on twitter and instagram  

By Lee Malone @Lee_Malone


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