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UKBFF Prep Men’s Physique – 8 Weeks Out

Posted on March 6, 2014 by Lee Malone There have been 0 comments

UKBFF Prep Men’s Physique – 8 weeks out

I’m currently 8 weeks out from stepping on stage in the UKBFF Men’s Physique tall class for the second time. My UKBFF prep so far has been quite enjoyable, I haven’t dropped my food too low and surprisingly this time round my cravings haven’t even came up once. I’ve been dieting now for 7 weeks, which may seem a long time for most people but contest prep can last anywhere between 8-12 weeks. The benefit of such a long diet is that I don’t have to dramatically drop my food too low, which can result in muscle loss and i want to avoid  this at all costs. Up until last week, I was happy with how my body was reacting to the diet, cardio and training. However i did have a panic that I was 9 weeks out from my show and felt I should be leaner. I spoke to my prep coach, Jamie and we decided to up my low intensity cardio sessions by 15 minutes. I honestly can not believe the difference it’s made!  My skin is tighter, my abs are a lot more visible and I’m noticing more vascularity as training continues.

I mentioned in my last article about the different types of cardio and how I approach them during contest prep. Another area we’ve changed is my weight training itself, rep ranges, tempo etc. A lot of my current sessions include a lot more volume, drop sets, FST-7, up sets and super sets. To give you an idea I’ve listed my current shoulder workout:

Side lateral raises- FST-7 (7 sets of 10-12 reps)

Seated barbell press 3 sets x 15 reps

Seated machine press 3 sets x 15 reps

Side raises superset with steering wheel front raise 4 sets of 15 reps

Bent over raises 3 sets of 15 reps

Reverse peck deck triple drop set x 15 reps

Here’s a picture of  condition when I was 9 weeks out (last week)

lee 9 weeks out back lee 9 weeks out front

I am continuing to supplement with Bodybuilding Warehouse CLA and Pure Whey 80 which is low in both sugar and carbs and both of these supplements are good for anyone looking to create a leaner look. I also use Performance Prime prior to my training sessions.

Besides swapping my training, I’ve also been attacking the new Bodybuilding Warehouse 6 week ab programme 3 times a week, it’s a great program I’ve put together and it’s good to go back to some basic ab exercises, progressing into more advanced exercises as the weeks pass on the program.

Finally I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the Bodybuilding Warehouse Transformation Challenge, from the pictures I've seen on twitter there’s been some amazing transformations. Now that the challenge is over there’s no reason to slack, you’ve seen what you and your body can achieve if you put in 100% effort so carry! Download the Bodybuilding Warehouse 6 weeks abs program to really help get those abs popping on the beach this year.

By Lee Malone

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