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A 10 Stone Weight Loss Journey

Posted on June 19, 2015 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

A highly inspirational weight loss journey of how Kirsty managed to blast 10 stone by making serious lifestyle changes and working incredibly hard.

Kirsty has been on an incredible weight loss journey and transformed her lifestyle and her body. Kirsty is a Bodybuilding Warehouse customer and we follow her journey on Instagram @kirstycake86

When I was 25, I hit the scales at 23 stone, I was miserable and desperately wanted to make a change but dreaded messing up or it not working. I had tried diets like weight watchers, slimming world & slim fast as a desperate attempt but had a little success and would lose a few stone & then gain it back the second I started to eat normally again.

10 stone weight loss

In 2011 I moved to America and thought that it was my last chance to completely transform myself, I was moving away for two years and really wanted to use that time to work on my body, transform my body and work on my health.

I discovered if it fits your macros and adapted that alongside using my fitness pal as a way to track them.

At first I struggled because I lived in America... Pancakes and waffles and bacon and everything else that's so good but so bad for you! I embraced it, I tracked my macros, I had cheat days and I worked on cardio in the gym and over the two years I dropped 75lbs!

I moved back home and started researching into different methods of energy output and different ways of fuelling my body. I adapted the ketogenic diet for a while and whilst I felt amazing I knew I couldn't live on a diet of high fat for the rest of my life, however it did help me lose my final 65lbs and lean up.

Losing 140lbs (10st) left me with a lot of excess skin and in January 2015 I had surgery to remove excess skin from my stomach (a full tummy tuck with muscle repair) and a breast lift.

I now follow iifym, fueling my body with good food, allowing myself treats now and again and I'm just starting with a strength & conditioning coach to get me into the absolute best shape of my life.

Greek Yoghurt


Some staples in my supplement diet which I love are the Pure Whey Protein 80, Pure Casein and the Protein Pancakes


I'm excited about what the future is going to bring! My goals have changed now, I'm all about lean muscle gains, toning and being awesome!


Bodybuilding Warehouse

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