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What is Agmatine Sulfate?

Posted on September 8, 2014 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

We take a look at Agmatine Sulfate and explain its uses.

Agmatine Sulfate:

Agmatine Sulfate is relatively new to the market in its single form but when you see what it can do to your training, WOW, I can tell you that Agmatine Sulfate will be around for a while! Some are even saying that it will have one of the biggest impacts on the supplement industry since creatine!

First off let us look at the benefit of taking Agmatine with your pre workout stack. What Agmatine does is actually help the body by inhibiting enzymes that synthesise nitric oxide. This basically means that there are a lot more freely available in the body when we train, and for those of you that aren't aware, nitric oxide = PUMP. It does this by vasodilating those lovely veins and allowing the body to get more blood, oxygen and good nutrients into the muscles when training.

Also one of the massive benefits and something I have used this for in the past, is to be a sort of glucose disposal agent. Basically meaning that it helps the body utilise glucose in the right way which is alongside insulin, rather than storing some of those carbohydrates as body fat.  Instead they are put to good use in fat burning and muscle building functions.agmatine sulfate

I've also been told that it can help build muscle during sleep, although personally I haven't used it for this. When you look into the effects that agmatine has on some anabolic hormones, leutenizing hormone and growth hormone; which are vital for building muscle and burning fat, aided by good levels of sleep this is understandable.

I would suggest around 500mg pre workout and with your biggest carb meal of the day. If you are looking for the sleep benefits, then you can take a further serving around 60 minutes before bed, this is something I will be doing a bit more research into in the near future.

By Ollie Matthews

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