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What is glycine?

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Ollie 'Ojay' Matthews There have been 0 comments

Read about exactly what Glycine is and the benefits:

So, what is glycine?


Well, it is one of the non-essential  amino acids within our bodies which is used in order to aid the body in converting glucose into energy,  alongside things such as helping to create new muscle tissue and correct cellular function.

One of the great things that glycine does is help to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue by actually boosting the bodies level of creatine throughout. It is great in helping the skin and most of the connective tissue around the body flexible. Without glycine the body would simply not be able to repair. Skin would become slack as it is exposed to the sun’s ultra violet rays, wounds would not be able to heal and we would become exposed to the daily free radical damage that we put our bodies through.

glycineGlycine is also essential for healthy digestion,  by helping to regulate synthesising of bile which is used to aid fat digestion. It is vital for good central nervous system function, as it inhibits some neurotransmitters known for causing seizures, bipolar, depression and even helping to manage schizophrenia.

Glycine can be found in high protein foods like meat, fish, beans and dairy but is very good in the supplement form in order to get the amounts needed when exercising at the levels many athletes and gym goers do.

By Ollie Matthews

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