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Why Women Should Lift Weights

Posted on September 15, 2016 by BBWarehouse There have been 0 comments

In recent years the amount of women that have been lifting weights has increased more and more, leaving people asking why women should lift weights. We want to go over with you exactly what the benefits of women lifting weights are.

Here's Why Women Should Lift Weights...

There is a huge stigma surrounding women lifting that we need to get rid of! The bottom line is that lifting weights is amazing for you, so we want to tell you why. Unfortunately, lifting weights has always been seen as more of a masculine thing to do, and until very recently a lot of women feared that lifting weights would make them look manly, due to an increase in muscle size. However, there are plenty of reasons why women should lift weights, and here's why:

The Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

✔  The first brilliant benefit to women lifting weights is the increase in EPOC. This is what's known as Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. EPOC occurs during homeostasis (when the Human Body keeps a constant internal temperature) so when the body needs to return back to its normal state. However when you lift weights your body has to work much harder to do so thus extra energy is required and more calories are burned for hours after your session. In short - it's absolutely amazing for burning that stubborn fat. 🔥

✔  It's important for anyone to feel confident within themselves and have a sense of independence; lifting weights gives you this in abundance! When you're physically strong it makes everything that you do easier and it means that those jobs you might have asked someone else for help with previously, you can get done yourself! When you realise that the weights you lifted at first feel like nothing now, it's an amazing feeling! It will make you feel accomplished and that then spills over to your personal life, you will start believing that yes - you CAN!

✔ You'll become incredibly lean NOT bulky. It's probably the biggest worry Why women should lift weightsfor all women before they give weight lifting a go, but it's the biggest myth out there! The way that you train and the way that you eat will determine how your body changes. If your diet consists of lots of protein, packed with veggies and loaded with healthy fats then this is what will help you towards those fat loss goals that can sometimes feel impossible! When it comes to Bodybuilding there are a lot of women who have gone for the bulkier look but their extremely strict diet reflects that. The saying you are what you eat couldn't be more true...

✔ Weight training has even been known to help you get a better nights sleep, and who doesn't want that!? It adds to every part of your sleeping pattern from the depth of your sleep to the ow fast you fall asleep. Studies have shown that resistance training greatly affects the overall quality of your sleep and helps you settle down to a longer sleep.

✔ Secondly, lifting weights will give you a huge boost and sense of empowerment because yes - you CAN do it!! It helps to increase happiness and confidence because not only can you do something you though that you couldn't, but your body is changing and you will notice that you are stronger when carrying out everyday tasks. Weight training also heightens the sensitivity of dopa-mine receptors (this is what gives off endorphin's during training) which then in turn makes you happier and who doesn't want that?!

✔ Lifting weights even contributes to the strength of your bones as well as muscle tissue. If you add weight training into your routine regularly then your bone density and tendons will become a lot stronger which might not seem like a good benefit but it's pretty awesome for reducing the risk of injury and even helping to prevent osteoporosis in the future (you might not worry about this now, but it's a medical condition that's caused by brittle bones and loss of tissue).

✔ If you are looking to shift body fat, they you should definitely lift weights.  This is because weight training helps increase muscle mass which in return increases the body's metabolism. The ratio of body fat compared to muscle is therefore reduced and so is your overall percentage of body fat - WINNER!

✔ Lastly, variation is absolute key; not just for women but also men.  The majority of people will do cardio and get bored and then find training more of a chore than anything. Weight training helps to give you variety and there are plans to tackle a whole lifetime.  There's just sWhy women should lift weightso much that you can do with weights that boredom won't exist. Plus, the results will keep you going for longer than you would with any other form of exercise!

✔ Lifting weights actually helps a lot with your heart. Research has shown that those who take part in weight training three times a week for two months actually decreased their diastolic blood pressure so much that it was enough to reduce the risk of a stroke by 40 percent and the chance of a heart attack by 15 percent. Again, you might take your heart for granted but it works hard to keep you healthy and your body running!

So, if you're still under any doubt as to the benefits of weight training for women, try a 4 week weight training plan and watch your results soar. Also, if you would like some supplements to complement your new training regime,  take a look at the Elite Fat Loss Stack. If you have any questions, just post them here and we will get back to you as quick as possible.


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