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Pure Casein

Quite Simply The Best Value, High Quality Casein You Can Buy.

I have tried the Strawberry flavour and just re-ordered and gone for the Millionaires Shortcake flavour or whatever it's called. I won't buy my Casein from anywhere else because this stuff is faultless. The Strawberry flavour was nice enough I just fancied a change. This stuff mixes better than others I've tried and looking at the ingredients on the back has a higher percentage of Casein and less sugar than most too. What more could you want? Again as with every home grown product I've tried from BBW I won't be buying from elsewhere now. Their whey, casein, protein bars, creatine etc are all the best value high quality products around. I've found my 'go to' online store for life now. Chuffed.

4 x Premium Protein Flapjacks - 96 Bars!

Excellent Product, Value, Taste And Ingredients All Spot On!

I bought the multi-buy of 4 x boxes as it works out great value (around 70p a bar I think) which if you compare to ALL other brands it comes out on top and the ingredients are just as good if not better than others I've tried, all the flavours are really nice and all bars I consider a treat not a chore to eat. I had Toffee Apple flavour, Honey Berry, Blueberry & Yogurt flavour and Choc Pecan, my favourite the blue and yog flavour... Delish! But again all of them are nice. Would just like to say if you was really fussy about sugar content there isn't much between the flavours but the order in which I listed them above is the order in which has the most sugar content (still minimal) So toffee apple the most, choc pecan the least. I just save the Toffee Apple flavour (most sugar) for post-workout because of this but really it's so minimal it barely matters really when you have them. All in all great products, as with everything I've tried from this company's 'home grown' products. Will only ever get my bars from here now! I can't recommend them highly enough. Spot on!

AD Taurotest V2

Iron Chewer

You feel the creepy hulk like strength within days of use! If you stack it well with other supps.But the price is Killing maybe not worth in the longrun.

Pharma Freak Ripped Freak Pre-Workout - 200g

Awesome Pre-Workout

This and Grenade 50 Calibre are my personal favourites. Ripped Freak gave me a good buzz and lasted a good while too. Best price I've seen is on this website, definitely buy this again!

Warrior Princess Blaze - 3 Cap Sample


It was good you don't see any difference phycially, but it does give you a huge energy boost, which is good for when you want to go to the gym! 3 capsules isn't enough but worth the buy if you want to see whether or not this product is for you or not!