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Performance Protein V2

Rich Vanilla - Never Again

Ordered 2 pouches of rich vanilla (it was buy 1 get 1 free) and I have to admit that it is the worst tasting protein I've ever tried. It has a very bad after taste and tastes salty. Tried it with milk, and it just brings out the bad taste even more, so I can mix it with water only. Postage was free and the delivery was spot on as usual. I am happy with other BBW products I've tried so far, but I'm definitely gonna stay away from this one.

Warrior RAGE - 392g

Prob Won't Buy Again

Taste wasn't great. Energy and focus was mediocre. Don't like that they stopped showing the full breakdown of their ingredients. Still doesn't touch Craze.

CNP Pro-Flapjack x 12 Boxes (1 Case)

Ok But Eating It Is A Workout In Itself.

Decent tasting but really hard to get down as it was very chewy.

Performance CHARGE - 40 Servings

Tastes Bad But Decent Energy And Focus.

Tasted absolutely horrible and was hard to down. It also gave off a horrible smell. Energy and focus was good though I just have to be cautious who I drink this near as the smell repels ppl.

Performance Complete All-In-One

Not A Fan Of The Beta Alanine.

This is good value and will last you a long time but in general I did not enjoy this product. I don't like that this product has beta alanine, it's not nice when drinking this as a pre workout and you feel a tingling going up and down your limbs. The chocolate maroon was not disgusting, not helpful I know but when you buy inhouse brands, you really are going for things that range to acceptable to 'I think I can finish this bag/tub eventually'.