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Protein Cafe Powdered Peanut Butter - 453g

So Far So Good!

Only used this in my shakes at the moment but it tastes good and mixes well. Will use it mixed with my yoghurt too at some point.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Premium LUX Protein Flapjacks

Get What You Pay For

Being more expensive per bar youd think twice until you have tasted them and realised they are very light on the stomach considering there protein content.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80

Great Product

Used quite a few other protein powders in the past, some cheaper and some more expensive... for me though this product stands out, no bloating, no heavy feeling after drinking, tastes great and mixes really well, even when your adding other ingredients like oats etc to your shakes. Results wise... well a lot depends on your usual diet and you cant simply rely upon supplements... this is where I fall down a little as I have a very hectic job and irregular hours, my nutrition suffers but I do my best to keep my shakes regular... I can tell when I slip a bit and miss a few!! Great product at a reasonable price.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Cobra Labs The Curse - 250g (50 Servings)

Awesome Product

Not too much caffine as many of the pre-workouts do and great pump energy

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Zinc Magnesium and Vitamin B6

Better Sleep

Much more better sleep compared to before. Recommended.

Please note: Individual results will vary