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Premium Protein Pancakes

Love Them!

As my summary suggests, I cannot get enough of these. To the point where I am having to limit myself as I could probably live on them. I have a very sweet tooth and this works a treat. Great with peanut butter. Only had the banana and caramel so far.

Performance CHARGE - 40 Servings

Works A Treat

I was very sceptical about this kind of item as thought it was more of a placebo effect. I'm glad to say that i was wrong. I have taken this at all different times of the day and every time it has given me that boost that I have needed

Performance Diet Whey V2

Personal Fav...

I love this stuff! The choc mint, mixes perfect and tastes amazing. Will take something special to make me stop using this.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract (1000mg)


Love these. Only a few days in, but give a great boost in the mornings, and then again after lunch. Knocks any cravings on the head.

Sports Fuel Premium Protein

Cheap And Great

The product is great, all you have to add is 30g of the protein powder to 250ml of water or milk to get about 25g of protein. I know that this product will last longer than any of my other products since the scooper is smaller than the other ones I have and I only need to add one scoop per serving. The taste isn't too bad, I have came across ones that do taste a little better but this one isn't too bad. It's also easier to mix than the other ones I have.