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Bodybuilding Warehouse Beta-Alanine - 500g

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Enhance your work capacity during exercise, make your muscles work.

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Bodybuilding Warehouse Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that combines with L-Histidine to help form Carnosine. Beta Alanine elevates Carnosine concentration in muscles and is useful for anyone participating in sports which require explosive actions, for example rugby, mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, weight lifting or football.

Using Beta Alanine will help increase the production of Carnosine, which is vital to athletes as Carnosine can increase the ability of your muscles to work harder, for longer, with improved endurance and reduced fatigue.

Nutrition Info

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size - 5g (1 teaspoon)
Servings Per Container - 100

100% Pure Beta Alanine Powder

Suggested Use:
For optimal effects, consume 5g's (1 teaspoon) of Beta Alanine mixed into 300ml of water or fruit juice, at any point during the day for cycles of 4-8 weeks. If convenient, you may take this dosage 20 minutes pre-workout. Upon completion of your Beta Alanine cycle, take a 2 week break before starting again.

Stacking Tips:
Bodybuilding Warehouse Beta Alanine is great to stack with Bodybuilding Warehouse Creatine Gluconate (click), and combined you should notice enhanced strength, power and muscle mass over an 8 week cycle. For an effective pre-workout stack, mix 5g’s Beta Alanine, with 10g’s Creatine Gluconate and 1 capsule of our Sida Cordifolia (click) 20 minutes before your workout and prepare to blow the weights away!

Whilst using Beta Alanine you may feel a tingling / flushing sensation on the skin. This is a completely normal and not harmful in any way.


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Outstanding product. Mixes perfectly. no bad taste and outstanding result Cant ask for more.


Brilliant Product
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Great value and has helped me during my training days a must buy for everyone !


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Best price available and great quality beta alanine. Works perfect in my homemade pre-workout


Feel the tingle!
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I love the sensation I get from taking beta alanine preworkout. That tingling sensation gets me right in the zone to shift some weights.


Great price for a great product
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Beta Alanine should be a stable in your supplement stack it's backed by tons on studies that proof it's effectiveness and has sure helped me :)