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Bodybuilding Warehouse's own-brand supplements are made to the highest quality standards from the finest raw ingredients. Each sports supplement has been formulated to include an optimal, scientifically backed dosage of it's active ingredient. We're committed to manufacturing huge volumes in order to attain ultra-low pricing for our customers - be it our Caffeine Tablets, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Omega 369 or  ZMA, there are simply put, no other supplements of equal quality at such low prices anywhere else in the UK.

What's your goal? Lose fat? Build muscle? Improve sports performance or increase libido and enhance overall health? No matter what you're looking to do, there's something in the Bodybuilding Warehouse range to help! Our own-brand range is now one of the most popular in the UK - we've given away over 100,000 samples of Premium Whey and Premium Casein on the cover of Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine in the past 18 months. We independently quality assure our supplements, and taste test them against the best mixing, best tasting, most effective products on the market to ensure they're leaders. Whether you're after a night time protein blend like our delicious Premium Casein, or a phenominally high-quality intra-workout like Excel, you'll find some of the best supplements in the UK, at the lowest prices right here.

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Performance Diet Whey Protein


Nice tasting.. first time using the protein. Very happy with it so far.

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Performance Pump Pre Workout - 30 Servings

Mild Buzz

Was skeptical about just taking this on its own but get quite a mild buzz from it great for late night workouts

Please note: Individual results will vary

Premium LUX Protein Flapjacks


Just received my first box of these, hope the price stays at 14.99. Had my first one today, 20 seconds in the micro with then peanut butter spread on top, dynamite!

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Premium Protein Flapjacks x 5 - 120 Bars!

Great Value For Money

Have tried all flavours. Blueberry Yogurt tastes the best in my opinion with Honey Berry being the one to avoid. Not sure what happened with Toffee Apple, but I really miss it. Buying 5 boxes for £80 makes it only £0.67/bar what is a really good value for money nowadays.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Ground Flaxseed

Good Price

Best price and quality I have found so far, can't say I have ever felt the effects of taking it but it must have a benefit in my body

Please note: Individual results will vary