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BPI Sports

BPI Sports is one of the fastest growing sports supplement brands in the US! BPI 1MR (one more rep) is a powerful pre-workout supplement with great reviews and feedback. BPI 1MR is available in both pill and powder forum, and is perfect for getting you that "1 More Rep!". BPI Rx6 is an innovative fat burning supplement designed to burn fat in 6 different ways. BPI Blox supports muscle recovery using the latest development in Silk Amino Acids. BPI Solid is a great tool for the competitor coming up to a show, designed to help harden your physique and make you look your best. Try BPI Sports today with the UK's lowest prices from Bodybuilding Warehouse!

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BPI BLOX - 30 Servings

Good Product

Used intra workout and found the taste to be good (Blue raz) mixes very easily. Doesnt really provide a big drink which i prefer for a 45 - 60 min workout as its heavily concentrated. Recovery times seemed very good afterwards, continued to build strength and very happy with my progress.

BPI BLOX - 30 Servings

Mmm Watermelon

I used this product intra-workout and found the watermelon flavour to be an amazing taste. What I found with this product was that muscle soreness arrived sooner than normal, but went away faster than usual. Therefore I feel that it helped me with my recovery times as well as providing me with a nice tasting drink during my workout.