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Build Muscle

Building muscle is one of the most common goals in bodybuilding. Everyone wants a more muscle, and less fat! Within Bodybuilding Warehouse's building muscle section you'll find supplements that we've hand selected as ideal to help you build muscle, and build mass along with your bodybuilding diet and training plan. This selection includes powerful weight gainers, protein shakes, post-workout drinks, high-protein snacks like protein bars and protein flapjacks, and much more all designed to help you pack on mean mass and strength!

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Pure HMB Powder

Completed A 500G Tub

I've just completed a 500g tub of BB warehouse HMB and I have to say I'm impressed! I've managed to keep my weight loss going and retain my muscle/strength for my grappling/mma training at the same time! The tub lasted me 4 months! Can't fault the price. It tastes horrible so put it with juice or in your protein shake! Recommended product, kept me from going full catabolic! Bodybuilding Warehouse Team HMB powders unflavoured can be unpleasant in terms of taste, we do recommend mixing it with juice or your protein shake.

Premium Protein Flapjack x 1 Bar

Very Tasty

Got this as a free sample one time, really tasty - will definitely be ordering a box to snack on when I start bulking again!

Performance Protein V2

Great Protein

Purchased the choc mint, only downfall is guessing the right amount water to enhance the mint, but still nice either way! Have had solid gains both size and strength! A must have for anyone serious about lifting!

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80


Bought this a few times now and you can't fault the product. The taste is lovely and it mixes superb with no lumps.

The Snack Pack Stack

Not Bad

The muffins were absolutely delicious but poor value for money as there are only 6 per pack. The flapjacks however lasted me ages and were the perfect meal replacement but slightly dry and more of a hard cake-like texture as oppose to an oaty one.