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If you plan on making the best gains, then you'll benefit from stacking! Stacking means combining one or more supplement to get the benefit from a range of products multiplied into your training and gains. We've created a large selection of bundles and stacks that combine the best supplements in the market, with a saving for you. Stack and save, whilst you stack and gain!

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Premium Whey Probiotic + Premium Protein Flapjacks

Great Taste

I ordered row strawberry flavoured whey and the honey and raspberry bars. Certainly a good value for money if u were after those 2 products. The strawberry protein tastes amazing with milk and you get alot of servings for the price. The protein bars work out cheap per bar, again taste amazing, as do the blueberry and yoghurt ones I had before. Handy snack at work.

Transformation Stack

Great Value For Money

I brought this stack with my protein discount card making it even better value. Quick speedy service and all products work well together I would avoid mixing the Green Tea Extract with your protein shake as the taste is quite potent. not all things good for you taste nice fact of life.

Breakfast Booster

Great Taste

I was expecting the pancakes to taste awful... But they taste amazing and the moccacino coffee is great.

Breakfast Booster

Best Protein Products Ever

I bought the lemon zest pancakes and the cappuccino flavoured coffee and both of them were so much better than I expected so easy to make and both taste awesome!

Breakfast Booster

What A Way To Start The Day

Couldn't wait to try this stack and i wasn't disappointed. Amazing pancake flavour in white chocolate and raspberry all washed down with a piping hot mug of hot chocolate. Looking forward to trying the other pancake flavours Everyone should start their day like this